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Emotional health and wellbeing is a very diverse conversation to have. Simply put, everyone is an individual and they are going to have their own path and their own way of processing their emotional health. Emotional health is the pre-cursor to mental health issues, as as per the foundation of my work, also, in my experience, the reason why we have other physical health issues and general lack in our lives. It’s like we are all a giant finger print with baggage. Yes, even those of you who think you don’t have baggage. If you have recurring physical health issues or recurring challenges in your life, you’re a giant finger print. How you handle the challenges is the key to your wellbeing.

How can you work with me?…Let me count the ways…

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Personal Readings

I want to let you in on a little secret…. one of the hardest things to do as a human is to put your hand up and say “I’m not coping”. It will be a rare day that I meet someone who hasn’t got something they are working on or through in their life.

We are hardwired to suck it up, not upset anyone, don’t be the one to create drama and rock the boat. We are the 80% of people who watch the 20% of people upset the apple cart and feel powerless to make a change.

You will have heard me say emotional trauma means different things to different people. That’s a really long way of saying “you’re not broken.”

My unique Readings are designed to:

  • Start you on the path to healing your demons
  • Help you untangle the threads that have joined into one big ball of overwhelm
  • Clear out those cellular memories that you know are blocking your path because you are on to it, but can’t shift something
  • Deal with triggers once and for all so you can get on with life
  • Restore your health to a level of bliss.
  • Provide you with the core strength to be able to not only cope with life, but love it.

Life and Executive Mentoring

A mix of counselling, spiritual concepts, neurology concepts and energy healing, mentoring with Amanda will bring a new level of wellbeing to your life because of her completely unique process. It’s one thing to talk about life and come up with a plan loaded with positive actions, that’s really great coaching, but there’s a step many coaches don’t or can’t offer that Amanda can. Everything we have experienced in our life has left an energetic footprint, we also have genetic footprints to deal with as well. Amanda’s unique energy therapy underpins all her clients outcomes because the cellular footprint, the old neural pathways get removed and cut to take away the fear aspect of your life to allow you to step forward in the positive actions. The process is a game changer in the coaching world. You can expect good things if you are personally sitting in that space of “I’ve had enough.”

Business Programs & Support

You know the parenting mantra don’t you? Routine routine routine. It’s the one thing new parents hear the most come out of other parent’s mouths. Structure and routine. It has it’s place in our world and sometimes, when you are looking at healing or moving through a blockage in your life, structure and routine is the order of the day. Amanda has developed a tried and tested process through her unique energy therapy. Each topic Amanda brings together has an anatomy. Amanda’s programs work through the anatomy and transform it so that your experience no longer holds you hostage to the life you want. 


Who doesn’t like a little bit of time away from the same old same old? When you have been actively personally developing, self assessing, reading books, listening to podcasts and networking, you can sometimes feel overloaded with information. That’s because there’s no energy broom that sweeps away the things you no longer need in your life. That’s the difference with Amanda’s events. She ALWAYS turns the energy on, so the things that come up for you that aren’t meant to stay, leave. Amanda holds various events during the year and her annual Revive Retreat in Fiji is not to be missed. With all the events Amanda holds, she brings her unique mix of energy therapy, her international voice of the Emotional Immune System and over 33 years of living the trio of health to her teaching. 

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