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Emotional health and well-being is a very diverse conversation to have. In my world, undealt with emotional health issues is the precursor to physical and mental health issues. Ideally, focussing on healing trauma as soon as it happens is best, but often, we tell ourselves to suck it up and that we’ll be ok. Until we aren’t. When things start to impact your normal levels of health and happiness, you give yourself every opportunity to stay ahead of the game by honouring your reality and doing the work. 

The most important part of this work is building the jigsaw puzzle with pieces from all sorts of other boxes that you’d never think to search through. That’s why I underpin everything with “you bring the pen, I’ll bring the dots.” This work will give you a different perspective and all the tools to empower your ability to meet life head-on in every direction.

The most important statement I can give you about this process is: There is ALWAYS more information available to help you understand WHY your life is not going as you’d like. The gift is in joining the dots, of which I am a master.

How can you work with me?…Let me count the ways…

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1:1 Emotional Strength Training Sessions and Wayfinder Mentoring

Emotional Strength Training Sessions
(Energy Healings with Amanda)
Right now, more than ever, life is pointing a finger at what’s not working and what is in your world, and unfortunately, there are yawning gaps in the information available. We are moving into an era where surface healing is no longer enough. Navigating the world of fear and then trying to work out what information is right and what is wrong, as well as being given the big tick that you’re not broken, you’re just evolving into knowing who you are and what makes you tick – from a place of peace, not fear, worry and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Worse still, letting those old stories dictate your decisions in a time window that everything is changing.


Wayfinder Mentoring Sessions:
These sessions are ideal for someone looking for a fresh set of ears and eyes on their life, and you’re not into energy healing; you just like to talk with another person for perspective. Amanda has extensive life and work experience in many industries and travelling worldwide before she settled into her business in 2009. These sessions are ideal for anyone looking ‘shoot the breeze’ and come up with an actionable plan for any aspect of their life. These are like therapy sessions where you get to speak your truth without keeping up appearances and Amanda provides perspective and positive actions you can take to help you navigate whatever you want to get a handle on in your life. Please not the announcement with the EST sessions above. Wayfinder sessions will also be changing to packages for new clients after 1 February.

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I was 26 when I took my first step away from people-pleasing. I was 44 when I took my most significant step away from putting everyone first. Since 2009 I’ve immersed myself in the trenches of people-pleasing behaviors. Through thousands of hours of sessions, observing patterns, understanding triggers, and untangling emotional webs, I’ve unearthed the true anatomy of people pleasing. I’ve witnessed firsthand the crippling impact it can have on one’s self-worth, relationships, and dreams.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to be a captive to these patterns any longer. You don’t have to go the long way around like I did. 

Welcome to the PEOPLE PLEASER RECOVERY HUB. This isn’t just another self-help platform; it’s your sanctuary, your roadmap out of the maze of self-neglect. My signature program, crafted from a decade and a half of insights, offers a transformative journey, moving you from feeling chained by others’ expectations to celebrating your authentic self.

Join a community that champions your growth, a protocol that understands your struggles, and a pathway that firmly believes you deserve to stand in your own spotlight. It’s time to prioritize yourself, without the looming fear of the ground crumbling beneath you.

Peaceful AF Library: Your Sanctuary of Collective Healing

You’ve been on the journey. You’ve done the hard work, navigated the intricate pathways of self-discovery, and are well aware of where your life is headed. But sometimes, even the most self-aware among us crave a touchstone – a space where we can harness collective energy for that extra boost of clarity, healing, and serenity.

Introducing the Peaceful AF Library.

Designed for the evolved souls who have braved the depths of self-exploration, this curated library isn’t just a repository of resources. It’s a vibrant, pulsating nexus of collective energy healing sessions. Each entry is crafted with intention, radiating waves of tranquility and insight, ready to envelop you in its embrace whenever you need it.

Here, you’ll find a carefully selected collection of sessions, every recording a unique experience that finds the blocked emotions in your body, using Amanda’s unique process, that becomes like a universal magnet, propelling you further along your path with added assurance, balance, and, most importantly, peace. Because while the journey of self-growth is ever-evolving, the need for a sanctuary remains constant.

Dive in, feel the resonances, and let the collective energies of the Peaceful AF Library fortify your spirit. Remember: Even warriors need a haven.


When you have been actively personally developing, self assessing, reading books, listening to podcasts and networking, you can sometimes feel overloaded with information. That’s because there’s no energy broom that sweeps away the things you no longer need in your life.  Amanda’s Retreats have been evolving since 2016 and bring an amazing mix of healing and relaxation in environments surrounded by water to ensure that everything you want brought to the surface is washed away. Again, Amanda’s unique process and combination of where to look to join the dots is the major point of difference for real outcomes. Click LEARN MORE to see what is on the calendar.

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