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Emotional health and wellbeing is a very diverse conversation to have. In my world, undealt with emotional health issues are the pre-cursor to physical and mental health issues that rob you of your ability to live your life well. Focussing on emotional wellbeing when things start to impact your normal levels of health and happiness and you give yourself every opportunity to stay ahead of the game.

The most important part of this work, is building the jigsaw puzzle with pieces from all sorts of other boxes that you’d never think to search through. This work will give you a different perspective and all the tools to empower your ability to meet life head on in every direction.

The most important statement I can give you with this process is: There is ALWAYS more information available to help you understand WHY your life is not going as you’d like. The gift is in joining the dots, and that’s what Amanda is a master at. 

How can you work with me?…Let me count the ways…

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1:1 Sessions

There’s two ways we can work together.

  • Mentoring
  • Emotional Strength Training™

Having a fresh set of eyes and ears, without judgement, is the secret sauce everyone needs in their corner. Each of these options are designed to help you stay ahead of the game in any aspect of your life. The only difference between the two options is  Energy Healing. Mentoring is your thing if you’re just looking for a grounded ear to speak your truth to and an advocate to keep you out of any rabbit holes. Amanda brings over 36 years of independent study into human behaviour together with her 21+ years of multi-industry career experience to any Mentoring relationship.

Then, when you’re ready to explore how emotional trauma stuck in your cells is impacting your life, Amanda has her unique Emotional Strength Training™ process ready to step into support you. This is mentoring with energy healing. Grounded work processes for the real world with the additional benefit of finally feeling like your life is shifting in the right direction. Click LEARN MORE to understand a little more about the process.

Emotional Strength Training Handbook


Amanda is releasing an exciting new concept and game changer for SELF HEALERS and people who know where their limits are and just need a helping hand in their own time and space. Coming in 2021 is Amanda’s unique mix of teachings around the Trio of Heath and Anatomy of Awareness™  in a one stop shop The Emotional Strength Training Centre of Excellence. The process is a game changer in the emotional immune system health and wellbeing world. You can expect good things if you are personally sitting in that space of “I’ve had enough.”

Currently there’s two offerings available as the CoE is built and growing. The Evolve & Adapt Energy Healing Membership or The Tarot Tune Up Membership.  Click LEARN MORE to see what’s involved. 


You know the parenting mantra don’t you? Routine routine routine. It’s the one thing new parents hear the most come out of another parent’s mouths. Structure and routine. It has it’s place in our world and sometimes, when you are looking at healing or moving through a blockage in your life, structure and routine is the order of the day. Amanda has developed a tried and tested process through her unique take on human nature and behaviours. Each topic Amanda brings together has an anatomy. Amanda’s programs work through the anatomy and transform it so that your experience no longer holds you hostage to the life you want. CLICK ON LEARN MORE to see what programs Amanda has available.


When you have been actively personally developing, self assessing, reading books, listening to podcasts and networking, you can sometimes feel overloaded with information. That’s because there’s no energy broom that sweeps away the things you no longer need in your life.  Amanda’s Retreats have been evolving since 2016 and bring an amazing mix of healing and relaxation in environments surrounded by water to ensure that everything you want brought to the surface is washed away. Again, Amanda’s unique process and combination of where to look to join the dots is the major point of difference for real outcomes. Click LEARN MORE to see what is on the calendar.

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