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Emotional health and wellbeing is a very diverse conversation to have. Simply put, everyone is an individual and they are going to have their own path and their own way of processing their emotional health. Also, we are all in different industries, have different stories attached to who we are today. It’s like we are all a giant finger print with baggage. Yes, even those of you who think you don’t have baggage. If you have recurring physical health issues, you’re a giant finger print.

How can you work with me?…Let me count the ways…

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Individuals Growth Seekers

I want to let you in on a little secret…. one of the hardest things to do as a human is to put your hand up and say “I’m not coping”. It will be a rare day that I meet someone who hasn’t got something they are working on or through in their life.

We are hardwired to suck it up, not upset anyone, don’t be the one to create drama and rock the boat. We are the 80% of people who watch the 20% of people upset the apple cart and feel powerless to make a change.

You will have heard me say emotional trauma means different things to different people. That’s a really long way of saying “you’re not broken.”

Individual sessions are designed to:

  • Start you on the path to healing your demons
  • Help you untangle the threads that have joined into one big ball of overwhelm
  • Clear out those cellular memories that you know are blocking your path because you are on to it, but can’t shift something
  • Deal with triggers once and for all so you can get on with life
  • Restore your health to a level of bliss.

There are four individual options for you to check out.

Group Growth Seekers

The power of groups cannot be diminished or missed. Energy work can be heavy going with the one on one basis. Group work, can have its heavy moments, and it’s also where many heads make light work … see what I did there just then?

The group formats I create are amazing and safe. I make sure everyone and their energy is an individual bubble so empaths and sensitive souls do not get caught in an energy onslaught. We redefine selfish to being a positive place to be in all of my group options.

Small Business & Corporate

Everything is energy. Everything. Your business, whether it is you or you have a team, has energy. When there are people involved, you are going to have keep in mind that all those life stories, that collective of emotional traumas and triggers are going to show up in some form in your business.

As much as my passion and purpose is Emotional Strength Training, all my small business and corporate work is underpinned by 25 years of corporate experience in large organisations both international and domestic.

The business of people and being good for the economy is the foundation of my business and you will experience that when we work together.

Military & First Responders

The most common sentence that comes out of the mouth of any military or first responder professional is “I am worried I will get black marked and lose my career.” The most common sentence that comes out of a spouse is “I just need some coping mechanisms so that the kids and I can handle the episodes.”

I have a very big theory about why this group of our community have the highest suicide rates and the highest diagnoses of PTSD. The best picture I can give you is an air-conditioning unit that’s never had it’s filters cleaned and the air it ends up dispensing makes everyone sick, including the air-conditioning unit.

Emotional Strength Training helps maintain the filter.

Before you click through, I define a first responder as anyone in policing and law enforcement, paramedics, fire officers, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, solicitors, lawyers and barristers. This includes the family of these professions too. To be the first to hear about Operation Secret Squirrel release date, click on the Sign Up button below.

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