Today I finally made a graphic with a concept I have been saying for a while now….like over 18 months.  Your heart is your biggest fan… 

So, how to explain that your heart is your biggest fan….

When you set your heart on something, your heart’s greatest desire … it’s a feeling, a knowing, a pounding that is that strong it would pound out of your chest if there wasn’t a rib cage holding it where it does its best work.

The heart is the centre of your soul, where you know in your heart of hearts when something is real and on track.

It is the nanosecond of a moment that it skips a beat when you know something good is coming your way.

It is the nanosecond of time before your brain kicks in that if you don’t act now the moment will pass, your brain will talk you out of it and it won’t happen.

We need to get more in tune with our hearts.  

We need to recognise when its speaking and act on it.

Try it, give it a go.  You won’t be disappointed.

Even if you are, that’s just the blame game turning up.  Your heart has only got your highest and greatest good at the front of its being.  

You CANNOT do anything that your heart is telling you to and come out worse off.

Following the concept that everything in life is a gift, even if it isn’t apparent at the time it is happening, you will learn to trust your heart.

Trust it.  Listen to it.  Act on it.  Live through it and watch what happens.