Watch people’s faces when you meet them for the first time, shake their hand and say Hi, I’m {enter name here}, and I like brussel sprouts.

Be fully and totally aware of the space you are in as you do it, and watch their face.  In fact, note how quickly it takes them to recoil in horror and wipe their hand on their leg.

I ask you, right here and now, DO YOU LIKE BRUSSEL SPROUTS?

DECLARE IT I SAY!  It will change the future of our relationship the minute you state it.  

It will.

Please stay tuned while we resume normal broadcasting.

I have posted a photo of a brussel sprout on my Facebook Page:

Garf Snort Incorporated – go there and comment and click the thumbs up if you like brussel sprouts.  

Stay tuned to that post because there is a point to this one.