…that everything is in perfect order.

If you don’t, you will either clog your carotid artery and have a heart attack, or pop a vein in your brain and either go to heaven or only have one side of your body responding to the instructions from your brain minus the dead vein you’ve just popped.

Seriously though, some people have a great deal dished out to them in life and while it’s easy to be outside looking in and pass judgement or give them some helpful words of advice, the only thing we are really qualified to do is give them unconditional love and know that their life is in perfect order and the Universe has got a handle on it.

If this person is you, and you have been dealt a pretty crappy plate at some point in your life, then it is no good to start asking why me, why this, why that….it just is ok?  I am speaking from personal experience, so I can say that last bit.  I’m saying it more to myself than anyone else. 

If I allowed my human brain to go into ‘receivership’ like anyone else who has carelessly run a business without thinking of others, all I’ll do is cause myself brain damage and those around me.  Worse still it will just bring more of the demons into my life to deal with – and I don’t want that – for me or any others that may be involved.

Today is the day that a pivotal person in my life died one year ago and I never got to say good-bye or hold his hand and tell him how much I loved him or what he meant to me. With the gifts I have now, I know that he is around me and I can talk to him when ever I want, but just for today, just for a nano-second that’s not enough.  I wish, I wish upon a star that I could just have FIVE minutes. Just five minutes to say everything I wish I could have said in real life.  I know now what my husband means when he says the same thing about his dad.

So, this post is a tribute to Daniel. It is also a reminder to you, the person reading this blog, that it’s just better to live in faith that the Universe has everything under control and you just just just have to trust that everything is in perfect order.  Allow yourself the grief, the anger, the hurt, the disgust, the hate, but just for a little while.  When you are done, hand it back over to the Universe and move into peace that life goes on, they are there with you to help you through and everything IS in perfect order.

I love you Dan