So with the floods and devastation from ex-cyclone Oswald, Queensland was hit another big blow, which has stretched its way down to Northern NSW as well.

You know how folks do what they are qualified to do in their everyday, and those of us who are doing what we are qualified to do, and who are confident in the advice we give to people, because you know, we wouldn’t be doing something if we didn’t know what we were doing…

…well, when someone tells you to stay in doors, off the roads, away from flooded regions, out of the dangerous seas, do not rubber neck, do not sticky-beak, don’t drive into flooded roads “if it’s flooded, forget it”, leave your home now because your house is going to flood and you could die…

These instructions are coming from trained professionals who are highly qualified to give these instructions.  

Who the @#$% do you think you are to ignore these instructions and THEN expect sympathy and compassion when something really bad happens or when, because of your ignorance, you put these trained professionals and often VOLUNTEERS lives at risk because they are trying to save you because you didn’t listen?!

The “she’ll be right mate” attitude that is synonymous with being an Australian is only applicable when it comes to innocuous things like the garbo forgetting to pick up your wheelie bin.

The only good advice provided, that was a bit dumb, was what to do if a tornado strikes your home.  As we have no warning system for tornadoes in this country, grabbing a mattress and jumping in the bath would have been difficult as your roof was being airlifted to meet the Wizard of Oz.

As for everything else… wake up and smell the sewerage laden mud folks… apparently, we are odds on for another one in the coming weeks with this weather pattern.  Click here to read the Courier Mail Report.

Time to learn is now.

This rant has now ended and we will resume our normal broadcasting… Oh look, the sun is out and it’s a new day.