Once upon a time, a long time ago, infact 71 years ago, little Alan Belford Jones entered the world a blank canvas on the 13th of April, 1941.  He was born in the very lovely little country town Oakey on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Which is a shame now for that lovely little town.

Anyway, as he grew up, he must have had some pretty ordinary humans of the female kind in his life, because he grew to develop a vile hatred of the feminine aspect of the species and is spending his elderly years ranting about how women are the scourge of the country.

So I find myself sitting here in my office with a sensation like heartburn sitting at the bottom of my throat and here’s why.

In yesterday’s Sunday Mail this is what I noticed about the articles that stood out the most for me.

Alan Jones and the comments he made about our PM’s fathers death.
The rape and murder of a woman who had 500m to walk home.
An article by a journo who has similar circumstances and looked similar to the woman who was murdered and how she now has changed her mindset about walking her 10 minutes home on her own anymore.
PAGE 22: 
An article about a state politician who has published a book called the Twelfth Fish and it’s racy theme and him holding off publishing his second book until after the election because it’s a bit pornographic.
PAGE 46: 
An article written by a male journo of his experience at a park recently with his own child and the reaction of a mother when her daughter spoke to him.  He titled it “Pedophile fear is judging all men”.

With the work I am doing with Juli DuBois in our Goddess Imperative program, 22 months ago we set out on a quest to be a reasonable woman’s voice across a myriad of topics, all with the foundation of wanting to support women to stand in their power and to drop all the past data.

Last week we had reason to sit back and go, right, we need to get real with this and start talking about the pointy end of the stick to try and get our point heard.

Just for one second I implore you to do your best and put yourself in a woman’s shoes if you can.

Alan Jones is a heartless bastard. The end.  He should have a pretty big hole in his boot as each day passes.  So in the news report above there’s a part where he talks up the opposition leader with this:

“his overweening weakness is his humility.  You will never ever hear this bloke argue his ability, his virtue or indeed his competence.”  

Do you know why? BECAUSE he’ll never have shit questions levelled at him like who does your hair or how could you speak about family policy when you are not even married or have no children?


Thankfully, many men have stood up and said ‘boo hiss’ to this tool and to those men, the women of Australia thank you.

Moving onto the rape and murder issue for a woman walking 500 metres to go home and the other article from the journalist questioning whether she should do the same in her 10 minute walk home which she has done countless times.  One man’s actions put more fear into women.  More, radio personalities saying things like a married woman should not be out after midnight without her husband because its just asking for trouble.  Really?  Are men THAT revolting? Really?

Then the article about the politician dubbed the Minister for Porn and with references to the 50 Shades of Gray book, yet our Prime Minister gets comments like they are going easy on her because she’s a woman.  Does the Minister for Porn get berated or taken to task for the plot of his book The Twelfth Fish?

And finally the article with the dad at the park with his daughter and the reaction from a mother treating him like a pedophile.  I feel for him in this regard that he was painted with the same brush as someone as hideous as Dennis Ferguson and take his point that it’s ‘us women’ who wanted the man to take a more active role in parenting, and so he is, but then gets treated like a pedophile.  

Well, sunshine, all I can say is welcome to our world and take your issue up with all the men who have stolen children and ruined families and children who turn into adults without their God given right to have had a life without the abuse, but for the powers at be in place who let these things happen. Take your issue up with the church and the scout groups and the schools who have provided the opportunity and monumental cover-ups these last decades.  

That’s why women are behaving the way they are….decades and decades and decades of having no voice and if you did you were a trouble maker or more commonly regarded a bitch. Now we have a voice and we say not on my watch when it comes to our children being protected from predators.

It’s going to take a whole heap more men being men of honor in our society and treating women – all women – as equals.  The day when there is government funding for men to have greater opportunity in the workplace is the day we’ll be even. Gratefully though, when women are in more than 10% of the senior workforce in Australia, this kind of funding will NEVER be required.

To close, I again ask you to stand in a woman’s life just for a second. Listen to a woman who is asking to make decisions about her body. Listen to a woman who is continually passed over for promotion.  Listen to the commentary about women in senior positions in this country versus the men. If you are aware, you’ll notice the difference.   

This is an attempt to point out how hard it is to have sympathy for the males speaking up every day with the vitriol and the poor me dialogue.  As a woman and a nurturer I have the capacity to have compassion for those men who are doing their best and taking a step into the modern era and I will be there to say thanks so much when you show up in my life. I also say, please don’t give up on the path you’ve taken, it will turn around.   It has to. We aren’t going back to the ‘good old days’.

It’s a horrible merry-go-round we find ourselves on and I’m grateful to Alan Jones for his colossal breach of what it means to be an Australian man for getting this discussion in the front of our nations brain.  

We don’t want to have to prove why we feel like this, it’s fricken depressing AND exhausting. 

We just want to end this. Please help us do it. 

We promise that everything will turn out well in the end. 

If you got this far, thank you for reading.