Tuesday night in Colorado, the moon is almost full.  The sun was shining all day, people were walking around in shorts and singlets. BB and Larry arrived safely from Texas.

The most amazing couple.  BB provides coaching services to soldiers on Fort Hood Texas…. wait for it… for no charge.  She depends on corporate gigs and personal coaching to help cover her living costs so she can donate her time to helping soldiers with PTSD.  She is so passionate about what she does, you want to grab a power point and drain some of that passion off.

BB joined us on the radio show today and it was so much fun having the three of us in the studio shooting the breeze. Absolute hoot.

Best thing: BB is a snorter – just like me!! It sounds so hilarious from another person.  She’s also got the best sense of humour, very Australian in her outlook.  We need to get her over there.  If you suffer from Stress, then we need to put together a program to bring BB and Larry over.

Larry has the most AWESOME Texan accent. I’m just waiting for him to call me darlin’. Apparently I’ll melt. 🙂

So with two days to go, and given the post from yesterday being such a heavy going thing, I am going to give you the fun highlights of my trip.

  1. Margaritas are my new drink. Especially pomegranate ones. We are going to come up with a Goddess version …. stay tuned.
  2. I am still not 100% on the driving here. I’m ok with the car travelling on the other side of the road, but everytime I imagine which way I should go, I get it wrong.  I’ll end up looking like someone with tourette’s because I’d need to whack the window with my left hand to remember to go wide.
  3. Driving and texting is epidemic here
  4. The American’s have amazing manners and customer service. There are inconsistencies though….

    ~Calling a child’s name and to be responded with WHAT? is not considered impolite.
    ~Please is an optional extra
    ~’Thank you’ is always followed with something, either ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘hahem’

  5. Coloradoans have amazing manners until it involves getting in a car, but it’s not honking horns you hear, it’s people flipping the bird at every opportunity…when that happens in a big tonka truck that takes up two car bays, it’s the best to just take the bird and wave back friendly.
  6. Rain falls from really high cloud.
  7. Lightning is very big here, rain drops are very big here, cans of drink are very big here, cars are very big here, engagement rings are very big here, outlet malls are very big here, excessive destructive rains are big for the first time since 1976 here… bugger it.
  8. When I speak here I am thought to be British.
  9. Due to technology and webmail, communications have been seamless here.
  10. My children are excited about me coming home…alas, not because they miss me, but we promised them we would get them a puppy when I got home. Zeus joins our family on Sunday 22 September 2013.
  11. My being able to breathe in the altitude has become better since I arrived. I hope I don’t feel light headed and woozie when I get back to sea level. Either that or I’ll feel like I could run a marathon…. except that I don’t run.
I think the emotions of everything from this massive couple of weeks is finally catching up on me today.  I am so profoundly grateful for what has shown up, what has cleared, who has come into my life, what plans have been put in place for the Goddess Imperative, where our focus is going to be for the next twelve months and how we are going to do it.
Fanging for cuddles from my men now though. Mumma-bear needs a hug. 

Much love
Goddess of the Imperative