Have you ever not pondered what the deal with weeds is? 

You know those pernickety little buggers and in some cases huge mother’s of a pain in the butt that cause so much anguish and anxiety to any would-be gardener and then those who are gardeners and spend most of their life protecting the good plants from the weeds and pests.

It’s really not that long ago that a good quantity of Australia was in drought.  I live in a residential situation. Our grass was dead much to the enormous disappointment of my horticultural husband. Bugger me though if we didn’t have a neighbour who had the greenest most luscious lawn I’d seen.  I even had a mental note that went along the lines of “the self-consumed freak..are you not aware that South East Queensland will have no water in less than three months and we will be forced to drink recycled poo because of you and your after hours watering…” to which this translated in real life to horticultural husband “how come they have a lush green lawn and ours is dead?”  –

…quick note to self on the important underlying message of “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”…

Husband looking at me like I was the dumbest thing on the planet…”it’s weed…it’s clover, you need an insurmountable quantity of poison to get rid of it…”

To which I nearly replied “well, can we have some because it looks nicer than the dead stuff we have, and those quaint little yellow flowers have that amazing meadow look I’ve always wanted….” I bit my tongue…I couldn’t have him be questioning why he chose me to grow old with.

Weeds come in many forms.  The hideous large ones with ugly prickles that hurt. A lot. Then the pretty little ones with flowers that have you questioning if they are in fact a weed or a native ground cover? (See photo courtesy of the WA department of agriculture) This is Patterson’s Curse.  Then you also have the weeds that official bodies like councils or government departments deem weeds. In fact noxious weeds because they cause too many millions of dollars of damage in infrastructure – even though they were here first and the infrastructure was designed by someone without a horticultural background…sigh… aka Camphor Laurel trees.  All weeds have important messages, and this is the link into my facebook post today on Foyster’s and Remote Reiki.

“Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.”

Weeds = negativity – no matter what way you look at them.  Even the pretty ones, they cause so much damage in the wider environment, hinder native species and damage soil quality.  Weeds can also be the hardest things to get rid of.

Ever had a dose of nut grass?  It will turn you into a nut if you’d let it.  The poison you have to buy to get rid of it is so toxic, you are only allowed to buy the smallest quantity. 

Anyhow…the point is, and I know you are glad we have come to it.  Anything negative is like a weed.  They can be really hard to get rid of, and you know they are weeds, because when you try to pull them out, they either snap off leaving the roots behind or the roots are so deeply embedded and spread out that if you pull hard enough you are frightened you are going to rip your internal organs out with the roots and die a slow, hideous death.  Which in plain language means you are too frightened of dealing with the bad stuff for fear of the pain you will have to go through.

Again, the pretty weeds.  You can look at them and think, “oh, they can’t hurt anyone, look at the pretty flower”, but underneath and all around they causing havoc that you’d never expect and there will come a crunch time when you will have to deal with it, and in this metaphor I’m so laboriously trying to explain, that crunch time could be on your deathbed or when you are really old and don’t have the time to deal with it properly, so you get to take it with you into the next life.

So, here’s the tip.  Go ORGANIC. 

Don’t think that organic is more expensive – it isn’t, not in the long term.  You can get rid of anything in your life through pure unadulterated organic matter.  Natural therapies like Reiki, Kinesiology, Shell Essences, Earth Essences.  Talking openly to friends, saying your fears out loud to get them out of your head is an incredibly organic approach.  You do not need chemicals.  The biggest part of being organic, if a weed pops up, deal with it immediately, don’t let it grow and get to the point of flowering so you can leave it there to wreck other things.  Oh, and if you deal with a weed with poison, that can just poison other parts.  Meaning if you think an issue you have will go away by using chemicals, it won’t happen. It just tucks it away in a deeper patch of earth for it to poke it’s head up again at a later date.

What we recommend is: thank the ‘weed’ and the ‘flower’ for teaching you what you no longer want in your life, even if the flower has been representing a fear in having to deal with the weed.  Be grateful that you are safe to move on without it now and you will not be giving that weed or flower anymore of your energy.  It will die of it’s own accord. We recommend natural light and plenty of water… with music, and lots of laughing and friends and family who love and respect you for who you are, no matter how beautiful your garden is.
Weeds cannot live where there is no life force for them to rob.  True happiness can exist and is possible, no matter what life throws at you.  True happiness is organic and available in all good quality states of mind.