Today I had to call on a friend for assistance for a couple of reasons.  She didn’t hestitate, came and got me, let me sit on her phone for nearly 2 hours – to America – took me back three times to where I had to go and left with the only thanks I could provide her…

A cherry ripe and a coke zero.

She is amazing.

Our friendship came about through a mutual friendship which started in a small shop at Yamanto. 12-18 months later it is where it is today with support so unconditional, that a cherry ripe and coke zero is enough.  So you could say our friendship is very new, but for us it feels like we have been friends for a lifetime. 

I’ve never called on someone like I have today that wasn’t legally required to do that because I am married to them (garfaw snort), but I just knew that my mate would help me. 

We are in a friendship of mutual respect, mutual give and take and a mutual understanding of what our deepest fears are and how to be with that person when those fears surface…to sit and rub their knee and say “it’ll be ok, I love ya mate”.

My message to you today is never question why someone comes into your life and don’t sweat the small things when those people do come into your life.  Embrace them, enjoy them, remove the wonder from why they are there and wrap them in gratitude for being in your life.  Go with the feeling in your heart when they do arrive, you will be better for it. I promise.

My mate Murph and I are on the wildest ride at the moment, but I wouldn’t be on it with anyone else. 

I have so many brilliant people in my life from a beautiful woman Sharon who is my life soul mate, my partner soul mate Donny, Rose who is my mentor and teacher (and I am teaching her), Duncan who is also a mentor, Juli in the States who only just today provided me some pretty big answers – unconditionally and I look forward to how our friendship is going to evolve, Poppy and Sally and my children.  Duncan taught me a week or so ago that they are our guides, learn from them, and I am.  I will also place special mention for Muntoo and Matilda.

I encourage you to look at the people around you and in your life NOW, and write down everything they bring to you, including the bad…because bless them….they are teaching you something.  You need to be grateful for them too.