Every Wednesday (Tuesday everywhere but NZ), I cohost a radio show with Juli DuBois which we named the Goddess Cafe.  It is part of the Goddess Imperative, an initiative that we set up at the beginning of 2011.  

So, our 26th program we decided we would talk about Love Affairs, and everyone needs to have one.  We set our intentions prior to the show and decided that we were going to have a bit of fun with the program.

If I had known what was going to happen on the show, I would quite honestly say I would not have shown up. 

Needless to say, after the show I had a mild, albeit brief panic attack at what was just recorded live and would be there for the world to hear for as long as blog talk radio is available.

You see, I have always prided myself on being someone who is on top of their game.  I have a handle on this gig called life.  It’s taken me an awful long time and a lot of heart ache (learning) to get where I am today.

I do not dissolve into tears publically….ever.

So since Wednesday, the outcomes have been immeasurable. 

Not only did I do some major healing within me, other people have responded like we’d never have thought.  We never have had comments on our blog talk links, but this week we have.  The personal messages of thanks for my tears and how much it has helped others has been extra-ordinary. 

Vulnerability will bring out strengths like you wouldn’t believe.  

When the emotions started to come up for me on our program, they were clearly unhealed emotions.  

Juli spoke of her upbringing and how she mathematically deduced that she was in fact a miracle, which she had healed sometime ago.  She is a woman of strength and conviction that that BS was not hers and never would be again.  Healed.

For me, tears equal healing.  I’ve done the next step in the work with Juli today and believe I have just leaped off a mountain to have found my wings.

Message from this blog….trust that everything shows up when its meant to… trust that vulnerability is the most healing, proactive, force of nature that should be completely embraced.

I know I have personally touched 7 people to also move towards healing to.

That means my tears, my vulnerability weren’t just for me, that they were for others too.  This is what Juli and I signed up for with our Goddess Imperative…. “We’ve been through what we’ve been through in order that we may help those going through what we’ve been through.”

Listen to the episode by clicking HERE.  You’ll need an hour and a cuppa.  If you would like to hear part two, then find our EVENT on facebook by clicking HERE.

We will be having Part II this Wednesday in Australia, but don’t fear if you are at ANZAC celebrations, we’ll be posting the link on our facebook page to listen to the archive.  

Remember, everyone should have a love affair…. everyone!