Hands up if you think that’s a heading layered in judgement?  Hands up if you prefer to look at it as if it is a statement of fact?

Well, firstly to call someone unevolved, has to take on some proportion of judgement, as, if you look at it, your data that you have formed to make the assumption that someone is unevolved, is based on your concept of what evolved actually is.

You see, someone who eats and can get all the food in their mouth in one go, using an eating utensil successfully could qualify as evolved, because once upon a time there was no such thing as a knife and fork.  

So, you can see where I am coming from on the evolution stakes. Right?

Take a human, for example, who lives in a constant state of blame.  It’s everyone else’s fault that their life is the way it is, they have excuses coming out of their ying yang as to why things are the way they are.  You will quite often hear this breed of human say “you made me feel like…”, “they made me feel like….”, “if it wasn’t for [enter data] my life would be so much better”…and so on and on and on and on….

It’s the adult way of saying “but he told me to do it….” in the sandbox known as childhood….and you know the adult retort to this saying as “well, if he told you to jump off a cliff, would you?”

This could qualify as unevolved on the personal development, self esteem front… no?

That, versus the opposite: a human who takes full responsibility for everything that shows up in their life, who accepts when they have said or done something that caused a situation to occur.

This, in my book, qualifies as evolved.  

Human Version II is making peace with why things might not be 100% ideal in life and through their awareness, can see that choices, attitudes, decisions, mind sets, actions contribute to life situations being what they are.  With that awareness you can actually make other decisions or decide to modify your reaction to something to help maintain an equilibrium.

You’ll know when this happens, because someone {unevolved} will say something to you one day, and you won’t fall in a heap on the floor sobbing, because you’ll know with which level of evolution it was spoken.

Don’t get my wrong, you might still get surprised, because some new species of unevolved human might have just turned up and you might want to run screaming to National Geographic to let them know of this newly discovered bi-pod.  Your surprise, however, will be easily masked because your inner dialogue will recognise very quickly when someone is living the blamer existence.

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So in closing, why is it important to know unevolved people?  

To keep you on your path to awareness.  

If you feel at any level in your mind, body, energy, heart, gut that someone is speaking something that makes you feel YUCKY, then you know you are evolving passed where they are in their life.

You can easily, gently and with love, remove yourself from their existence or quagmire of doom by just focusing on your path and what makes you happy. You’ll find that they will just leave your life without having to force it. 

It’ll be like watching rice on a plate sitting on a speaker playing music.  The grain that bounces right off the plate on the floor and away, just wasn’t mean to be there, but none of the other rice grains have noticed its gone, they still keep bouncing.