I have been on an amazing journey these past couple of months.  The people in my life as of today Wednesday 4 August, 2010 are a blessing beyond words.

As those of you who know me, and then some of you who don’t, I am a person with many things listed on my “Who is Amanda Foy” list, and one of them is a lightworker, a person who specialises in Reiki.  Though I have been on a spiritual journey of my own for many many years, opening my heart to the teachings, and trusting in my universe to provide me with all that I need to find my ‘ZEN’ has been the biggest step forward I have made.

This last month, I have been working with a number of great teachers, namely Duncan Dempster-Smith, Juli DuBois, Tamika Hilder, Rosanna Francis, Deb Webber and Maggie Landman on many things, but the foundation work has been on healing self first, unconditional love of self.

As I type this, it is hard for me not to let the tears flow, because today I had everything come to me about how much work I have done with these two self issues.  I made a phone call this morning to share an opportunity with some very dear and trusted friends, and an hour or so later they turn up with cake and a “what’s going on with you Manda.”  When I realised they had just upped and stopped what they were doing to travel an hour (YES AN HOUR) just to come and sit with me and shoot the breeze, when I had been quite “normal” on the phone, I realised all at once what happens in your life when you start to heal self first.

What happens?  The Law of Attraction.  Your wish is my command as James Arthur Ray says in the Secret.

The amount of unconditional love that is coming at me from every direction is astounding, but not really.  It’s what all the books say will happen.  It’s what I’ve been reading about all this time, and I am living it. 

It’s amazing.

Do you know what?  I deserve it; I believe in me;  all my dreams come true.

See those three statements?  Write them down, put them somewhere where you can see them all the time, all day and repeat them to yourself at every opportunity.  I am living proof that if you put the work in, there will be an outcome and I haven’t had to change who I really am in the process.

I’ve just changed the inner dialogue.  I am so happy I could just sit and ball my eyes out, in the happiest kind of way.

When you sit and listen too, really listen, you learn so much.  I learned so much from my beautiful friends Karyn and Cordelia today.  Also by them letting me talk and them listening and providing cake…garf snort…had to put at least one funny in this post, I learned alot about what I was going through, and got the greatest amount of validation from getting stuff out of my head. 

I learned two things today:  How good for your soul to admit out aloud that you are a control freak and that its good to learn to let others help and the second that my mate Murph is also one of my favourite teachers and her enthusiasm for the smallest things is her greatest quality.