You are sitting in a meeting and there is one person who just makes you get a tension headache every time you have to be in their presence because it is everything you can do not to roll your eyes when they speak, what you perceive as, complete and utter dribble.

Are you the only person to feel this way about this scratch your eye’s out kind of person, because you cannot believe how they have lasted this long in corporate life without having someone try to end their life with the curdled milk that’s been sitting in the fridge for a month?

Probably not.

Are they the person who sells the most chocolates with the social club fund raiser?  Are they the person who seems like they are a protected species even though they speak complete and utter shit?


Guess what…they are living their truth. 

They do not care what other people think because if they did they wouldn’t be in a place where everyone thinks they are crap…they would be going from job to job trying to find their place, worrying what the day will bring because they don’t want to upset anyone.

Your reaction might be akin to a jealousy or a fear….or even……drum roll…..hate.  (oowar)

Look around you, your daily life, your work, your family, your friends, your networking groups, your sporting groups, even the check-out person you go to every time you buy your groceries….

How many people in this collection do your head in?

How many people in this collection do you whinge about to your significant other?

How many people in this collection do you obsess over or just about swallow your tongue when someone else speaks of them because you can’t wait to get out your story about them?

Have you got that person or people in your minds eye? Right…hold onto that thought and now feel what your body feels like…

Do you feel like you could scratch your skin off or go throw up?  Yes?  Good.

Hold onto that feeling for a tick while I go and make myself a cup of tea…be right back.

So I’m back… how are you feeling – still nauseated or irritated to the point of wanting to go and punish yourself further by listening to some country music…..”My hawrse dieed….I gotta get a nu jaun…”

Time to go look in the mirror….Oh…looking a bit green around the gills there lovey….

Right…repeat after me….”My reaction to that person/these people says everything about me, and ABSOLUTELY nothing about them.”

Say it again…

Go on…

“My reaction to that person/these people says everything about me, and ABSOLUTELY nothing about them.”

These irritating invertebrates are living their truth.  They are being who they are and are oblivious to any criticism.  Make peace with that and then start working on accepting their ability to live their truth, then start following their lead.

You can only change yourself.  You can only look at who you are and go forward being honest. 

Don’t pretend. 

If you look at the judgement you have towards these people and realise that you have some level of fear…sorry let me correct that….some MASSIVE level of fear you need to work through, you will stop the judgement of them, and start seriously looking at how you can improve this fear thing you keep hanging onto like it’s your favourite pair of undies that you got at some clearance sale because instead of $25 a pair they were $2 a pair and they are sooooo comfy….

Did you get the subliminal message there?


Right well…get rid of the undies, the elastic is about to go in them and give you a nasty rash.