So this weeks theme to deal with is Trepidation. WOT? I hear you asking.  Well, as you will be aware if you have been following, I am a Reiki therapist as well as a Communications and Events extraordinnaire.  Communicating through normal means isn’t my only gig.  I too can communicate through thought and am communicated to by energy passed and present. So, how’d you think I’m going with Trepidation so far? 😉 I reckon I’m dealing with it quite well in the safety of this one way conversation I find myself typing out.

So when I check the dictionary for a meaning, guess what it said “synonym – FEAR”.  As Gomer Pile used to say, “Sur-prise, Sur-prise, Sur-prise”.  For those of you too young to know who Gomer Pile is, please say the bit in ” – ” with your best Texan accent possible….followed by “Welllll gawwwley.”

I was not SUR-PRISED at all to see that it equalled fear.  It started on Sunday.  I was at a gathering of extended family members. One who is so spiritual she’s almost like from the “God Squad”, but I was also in the same place as family members who may not agree with or understand what I can do and went into fear of them ‘shutting me down’ if I were to utter anything.  I was getting messages left right and centre, and having come off a week last week of amazing highs, it was a little bit baffled when I got in the car to come home why I felt the way I did….and it didn’t go until this morning when my lovely friend Duncan who for me is head of the “God Squad”, posted TREPIDATION.

Here I was sitting and I just went “of course!” I had been away from my mate (who I talk to daily on our wonderful journey) for four or more days, I didn’t have my usual connection with someone who is on a similar journey.  I’d gone into fear about another friendship which I now know is based on past data and only just 30 minutes ago owned up to the fear…just from one man posting one word.  Can you believe it?

So, today’s post is about many things, but mainly this:  Surround yourself with people who love, honour and respect you – no matter what you are going through. Don’t worry about ‘why am I feeling like this’, just acknowledge it and let it show itself to you when the time is right.  When you live without the need to have things – even information – you will always be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the answer turns up for you, and the peace you will find when it does.

I’ve made another amazing connection today with a woman over facebook, again support support support.  Go with what is in your heart.  I have made a number of connections in the last week with different people and I know I am safe. I know that these people feel safe with me; I’m actually at a point where I know it’s a given.

Before I go, my last tip for this post is:  Speak your truth to someone who might be sitting there wondering what’s up with you because they might be at a different level of fear to you, and all this fear just means a waste of time and energy.  Be kind to other’s.  When you acknowledge that your fear might be affecting others and you speak of it to them, watch what happens.  Tell me about it if you have a minute.

Love, light and blessings to you on this beautiful Monday.