I have been asking where I fit in the bigger picture since I was 16.  It wasn’t until I was 26, divorced and cleaned out by the first husband that I decided to  save enough money for an airfare to the UK to go and spend some time with an Uncle I’d never known, that I finally got the clarity of where I fit in…on the family front anyway. 

Two years of existing in another country with only myself to answer to and for, a defining few weekend visits to the Uncle’s home in Wiltshire, and a relationship with a man that in a big picture was brief, but changed everything and I was well on my way to waking up to myself.

Fast forward to 2009 and the GFC lands and the job that I was adamant about  growing in for at least 10 to 15 years, was made redundant and I was again looking at the opportunity and asking “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

My own boss.

I hadn’t completely got into my life with the Remote Reiki, though I was building my confidence with it as the weeks and months passed. 

I knew I was good at the marketing and communications.  I got a global brand to move away from pictures of slabs of meat, to grasp the concept of the people behind the logo and to build awareness about how many lives are enhanced through a multi-billion dollar business run by a family of six children extending their father’s legacy.

I knew that the GFC meant that companies could use contractors instead of having a full time employee and all the additional costs that entails, so my new business was not only groovy it was clever!

I chose the city we’d moved to in 2004 because I had a very fine self esteem knowing what I was capable of and the experience I would bring to the region, and having done my research, knew that there was only one business that could be deemed competition but what more aligned with the graphic communication while I was strategy and social media. 

What I didn’t research was the attitude in the city for ‘new comers’.

One hit, trip, fall after another over the last three years.  I kept getting up, dusting myself off and sticking with it.  I had it firmly planted in my mind how many businesses fail within six months, within 12 months, within 18 months and on October 2, 2012 I hit three years.  If I wrote down all the situations that befell me over the last three years you’d look at me like I’d just escaped from a mental health facility and I forgot to put my undies on on the way out.

The last incident only occurred two months ago, but it concreted in my mind that I was not on purpose and that I was still, after three years, saying yes to things for all the wrong reasons.

So, what did I do, I said “Enough is Enough!” and I decided that I would just focus on my Reiki and keep working in the background of the Goddess Imperative, building that brand globally with my Goddess in awesomeness Juli in the US.  

Happy sigh…and if you read three blogs ago, you’ll read what happened.

End week two of focusing on Reiki and what happens, the communications and social media side of my business started to pick up again.  

UNIVERSE….am I meant to be saying no to these things?  What are you doing to me??

Then another win on the Goddess Imperative.  Then another win on the Remote Reiki.  Then another win on the Communications.

Common denominator one, Amanda.  Common denominator two, things happen in three’s. 

My dead people very kindly pointed out that the three things I love the most and am the greatest at still existed and they form a triangle.  No matter which way you flick the triangle, one always points up and the other two support it while it’s pointing up.  

So I stopped asking where I fit in.  

I was finally on purpose and in my utmost happy place.  I’ve made some decisions, which is where I finally worked out what I was supposed to say no to. 

These no’s have been said and what a relief!

My yes was to make peace with the fact that while my strengths come in three’s, they all add up to one point of focus.  

Making things better through communication.  

On day three of the third year in business, my purpose, positioning statement and commitment to what I love doing the most came to me, with ease and with conviction.

I am Amanda Foy. I specialise in communications from the inside out.

The only page on my website which has never been updated in three years?  

The beliefs.

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”

So my message to you today is, DO NOT GIVE UP on your dream.  The Universe will put up very definitive stop signs for you if you are going off purpose.  Some might cost you a shit load of money, time and effort, but if you are honest, you didn’t listen to the Universe in the first place. 

Responsibility and “I’ll listen better next time” is all you can do.