One month ago I was sitting in my brain saying “I don’t want this anymore”. 

Since the floods in January, I have been living in survival mode, just making enough to scrape through each month and working stupid hours doing everything I can myself.  The floods put a very large spanner in the works for me, and when you are a one man band, you must keep up appearances to ensure that you continue to instill a sense of trust that everything is ok.

Now…don’t get me wrong, everything was ok. One month ago. It was. 

I am someone who lives from a place of gratitude and being happy with what I have rather than what I don’t have, so when I said “I don’t want this anymore”, it was doing things the way I had been for 25 years.

For whatever reason, many things from my life started to run through my head like an old 1920’s movie with the flickering of the tape going through the projector and in slow motion with no words and I got to add the subtitles and they were my inner thoughts.

Anyway, what came to my attention was that I have had a lifetime of being GREAT at giving, and completely SHIT at receiving.  On so many levels of my life.  

I know when I decided that I need to get started and I had it said to me, “you need to open your heart to receiving”, I decided that I would work through it with meditation.  I got my holosync out and three nights running tried to meditate and it was difficult.  I felt like I had ants crawling all over me and then biting me.  Three nights running I had to lie there with my eyes open, I felt so irritated, but made myself stay there until the end of the music and rain.  The end of the 3 days was 12 November, 2011.

Make sure your printer is online, because I’m going to give you the recipe you need to cook up a huge batch of receiving and you are going to enjoy the results.  It’s fat free!

Stay with me to the very end of this blog, because I’m going to list out everything I have manifested in my life since the 11th of November, 2011 and if that doesn’t convince you to turn your oven on, nothing will.


To Start:

Make the decision that you’ve had enough and you are ready to release your limiting mind-set.  


  1. Say out aloud to Juli DuBois of Juli DuBois International what you are most fearful in your business life and how that could cross over into your personal life.  1 hour.
  2. Phone Rowena Neal of Balancing Your Universe and say out aloud that you have a problem with receiving and everything that goes with that.
    [Please note, Rowena established with me that it was connected with worthiness, which I believe she was right, because as soon as she said it, I felt like crying – that’s my indicator because I don’t cry.] 30 minutes
    I instantly felt better when Rowena and I finished speaking. The receiving began the next day.
  3. Rowena then formulated a Shell Essence for me and created an affirmation that fit my situation. Arrived in the post on the Monday and drops started.  Affirmation said out aloud to myself in the mirror morning and night and drops as per instructions.
  4. And then it begins.
Results from 12.11.2011
Please note additional information that I think helped.

  • McHappy Day – won first prize in the raffle.  Fishing esky, camp bed, tackle box, massage vouchers, hair voucher, photo prints, movie tickets.
    TIP: Said thank you to the girls who we bought the tickets off, wished them a really successful day of fund raising and then the kicker “I look forward to talking to you again this afternoon when you ring to tell me I’ve won the raffle.”
  • Coffee shop that only takes cash, which I didn’t realise until after I’d ordered and had a meeting in 5 minutes.  Turned around wondering what I could do, to find a facebook friend standing there and I straight up asked if he would buy me a coffee and scone and in all his wonderful loveliness he did.  My normal self would have raced back down to him with money etc and a box of chocolates, plus a plethora of other things, but no. I very simple thank you on my FB page with a tag and nothing else. 
  • Complimentary card reading – which was the longest of everyone elses, a Goddess Card and all about love of self. REWARD
  • Counselling session with a lady trying to get her business off and running in exchange for a testimonial.  It took 14 minutes and we were done. It was another gift of a limiting belief removed.
  • Business webinar about Google – no charge, attended because I needed to get up to date with it as its about social media and part of what I do in my business at Foyster’s Communications.
  • I was the business they chose to provide a full Google analysis to.  
  • The Head of Google Australia and NZ Small Business phoned to explain everything and then suggested it would be good for me to come to Sydney – which I agreed.  I learn from watching.  When I decided in my head for the first time in my life I was going to ask someone to help me pay to get there, we just got chatting and I said [TIP] “a better business could not have won this, I so deserve it, and will really put it to good use”.  Email 10 minutes later – “we will fly you to Sydney” – this is happening next Monday.
  • Needed a new doonah cover for my bed, bought it on ebay, zipper faulty, what’s the options, 50% refund – which meant I would have had to run around getting a dress maker to fix etc, so I took the other option of a new one.  So I responded as such, thinking her reply would be about where to send the other one back, and I thought, I wonder if I offer to pay for the return postage if she’d let me keep the pillow cases, so then I’d have four. Email reply, just send me a photo of the problem and I’ll send you another one. BONUS!
  • Chef where I work at the Indian Mehfil restaurant doing their marketing and communications cooked me Dahl for lunch this week – which he never usually does, but he knows I like it.
  • Thank you card from a company I referred a client to because they’d helped me so much.
  • Toasted sandwich at the Jet’s – which are famous for their toasted sangas.
  • Interview with a national business magazine Dynamic Business, [TIP…thanked them for the webinar and what I’d won through Google, telling them what transpired].
  • Won $4 on my very first game of Keno that I did by myself without any help. 
  • Said to a client what I expected from helping them and LAID IT OUT in an email what the value of my time was and how much time I need to put to it thinking that would be the last I would hear from them, but no, they realised the value too and said ok. 3 months work for a global initiative…[TIP…watch this space]
  • Went grocery shopping and had to buy everything that runs out at once that is expensive.  EVERY ONE of the things that I had to replace was on special – and really big specials – like $8 off etc.
  • Saw an old flame who showed me his life 14 years on and received the validation of making a wise choice all those years ago.
  • Won a ‘business woman’s’ prize to help me in business through Women with Spirit.
  • A great client The Drafting Room signed up to sponsor the Home Zone for the Ipswich Home and Lifestyle Show I’m putting together at the Turf Club next year.
  • Received a present from Iveta Lott of Simply Bowen at Paddington with Goddess Drops.
  • and finally from this Saturday just gone, received tickets to go and see Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart at the Riverstage in Brisbane from a lady who couldn’t go and I was in the right place at the right time and it allowed me to do something spontaneous with my lovey because he has loved Stevie Nick’s music way longer than he’s loved me. I got to see my life long best friend Sharon, our kids got to play all night…it didn’t rain…we got to use a brilliant car park and most of all, I got to feel like a kid again because everyone around us was so old!!! 
Let me know how you go with the Recipe and if you’ve got any good additional ingredients you can recommend.

This will likely be my last post before the new year.  It has been a huge year for everyone, and its gone so fast.  I would like to wish you and your family a very wonderful end to the year with peace, health and my most favourite thing, plenty of laughs and happy moments.