It’s time to talk about truth. It’s time to talk about lies. It’s time to talk about a happy medium between both. It’s time to talk about understanding.

“The truth will set you free…” God I think said that, or was it Mother Mary McKillop?

What kind of lies are there?

The cover your arse lie:

  • I’m so sorry, I had it there to give you, but this house elf called Gibby raced up, ripped it from my hand and jumped into the fireplace, turned green and it exploded into 16000 pieces.
    TRUTH: I didn’t get time to do it / I didn’t like it, so I gave it to someone who did.

The I am too scared to say what’s right versus what you want to hear lie:

  • Speaking to the CEO of a soap powder company…You know, you are right, it is better to have the footage of that child with his finger up his nose and wiping it on his shirt to sell our soap powder…really…. it solves the subliminal message we were trying to have with him standing their with a horrified face looking at what is in his hanky after he just blew his nose doesn’t it?
    TRUTH: I understand what you are trying to achieve, but with the demographic we are speaking to….

The I am too scared to deal with how you might react if I tell you the truth lie:

  • Of course I love you, why wouldn’t I?
    TRUTH: I am sorry, I feel as if we have grown apart and I would like to investigate a life where we are no longer a couple, how can we do this without hurting each other?

The very famous white lie:

  • Oh my God, I’ve always wanted the Readers Digest Collectors edition 10 CD box of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton 1000 duets from the last 30 years greatest hits, and would you look at that leopard skin velvet! It feels so smoooooooth!
    TRUTH:  Well, I’ll let you come up responses to that given my penchant for Country Music.

Anyway you look at it, a lie is a lie is a lie. 

The last kind of lie I listed, the white lie – it’s probably the only lie that I would recommend if you were trying to spare someone’s feelings…especially when they are standing their showing their unconditional excitement in what you are about to discover when you unwrap your present from the recycled cellophane from the gift basket you gave them last year.  Does this kind of lie make you feel bad? Maybe/Probably Not.  Will the lie compound on you when that person comes and sees you the same time next year and they ask where the CDs are and you had to revert to lie number one?  The worst thing about telling lies is that you have to remember what you’ve said.

All the other lies, will you feel bad after saying it. Most probably.  Do you feel bad for the person you’ve lied to or for yourself?

What does it mean the truth will set you free?  When you tell the truth, when it’s in a situation where someone else is depending on you, that’s where the freedom comes into it.  You can say it how it is with compassion, with understanding and with reasonable reasons. 

What you have to do to receive the largest form of freedom is take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, feelings.

Take the You This… You That….out of the dialogue, and put it back on yourself, and mean it.  When you lie, you are disrespecting the person or people you are lying to, but most of all you are disrespecting yourself.  People will think more of you if you say something with total honesty than if you don’t and it’s found out later that you weren’t telling the truth.  Believe me, you will always be found out….it’s a universal law and it’s best friend is Karma.

You can walk on this planet with a clear conscience when you tell the truth.  The key is, when you receive that second chance, if you have let someone down, do everything in your power to keep that person’s trust by being honest to yourself first and foremost. If you continue to believe you are telling the truth, but continue to let someone down….”I’ll try harder, I promise, please give me another chance”….then you only have yourself to blame if you don’t….which means you were lying in the first place.  “I cannot promise you any more than what I am currently giving you, and if that is nothing, then that means we have to work out what’s the next step.”

EMPOWERMENT, HONESTY, TRUTH…..look in the mirror and lie to yourself – watch what happens.