“People hate change…”

So why is that?

Are we creatures of habit that are so hell-bent on getting into the swing of things we just want our lives to flat line into the numb and more numbing?

Do you realise what  Facebook has pulled off in the third largest country in the world?  

Do you?

Global governments need to get hold of Mark and his team and get them to come up with solutions for all the worlds woe’s…wouldn’t you say?  750,000,000 given large changes to deal with and we have to cop it on the chin or leave facebook.

I’m stayin’ and my chin is very lovely thank you.

I teach facebook to businesses and the roll out made my life really fascinating this morning in a workshop full of people relatively new to facebook, but you know what?

I made it through.

The changes aren’t like flicking a light switch.  You do need to give your eyes time to adjust though, but the light is still on.

At 3am this morning when one of my family decided it was a good time for me to be awake, I jumped on the smartphone to see what was going on in the land of the US and the UK, because all my friends there were WIDE awake enjoying their day, and I got to read a post by Success Nation.

The brought something to light for me….the quantity of ‘hate’ generated at the changes on facebook.

If that isn’t the biggest wake up call to humanity to tell ourselves to get over it, then I don’t know what is.

Mark and his team provide a resource to us humans for nada, nothing, free and the amount of SPEWING people collectively around the globe should mean that we are going to see some pretty nasty natural disasters popping their heads up.

It’s like all the spewers have taken on the roles of beloved family members who think they have the right to pass an opinion on something that is none of their business because there’s some sort of genetic allowance there.


Yeah, it’s ok to have an opinion, it’s a free world.  I get that, but really?  Do the whingers need to act like it’s their project and someone has come in and ruined it for them because of their new idea?


I say join with me in saying THANKS Facebook team.  I like the changes, and as usual, once you get the hang of them, everything will head on back to happy campers…I promise.

My favourite addition – when you post something you can now see how many people have shared it.  It’s like I can now let my ego swell to the point of explosion because people get what I say, like what I post, think it’s worth sharing or pretending it’s their’s.  LOVE IT!!

Gimme a ring in seven days if you still can’t get your head around the changes…I’ll be all over them by tomorrow. 

Garf snort.