Day 19 : Home to Brisbane after 32 hours of travelling.
State of appearance: grease mop and dirty nails

Right, so I am in ‘keep your eyes open at all costs’ mode right now.  32 hours of travel complete, bags emptied and presents distributed, second load of washing on. Boys playing downstairs and daddy out mowing the lawn. Chickens clucking, lorikeets screeching, Mumma-bear putting out some pretty big blinks.

The potential for this blog to be like the ones 16 days ago with spelling errors and grammatical errors that will have grammar freaks popping veins is high.

Before I start snoring and dribbling I want to share truly one of the most hilarious moments of my trip and it was as we landed in Brisbane, right at the end of my trip and the seal laugh came out a little bit before I could reign in the garfsnorts.

The flight to Sydney was truly dreamy! Got on the plane at 10:30 last night, took off, dinner, lights off, sleeping sleeping sleeping – wake up , watch a movie, look out the window to the most spectacular sight of a lightning show in the tall bulbous clouds under the gentle watch of the nearly full moon. 14.5 hour flight went like that.

Landed in Sydney on time, went through immigration, didn’t need to see my bags, went to the check in at Virgin, bags checked again, on a bus to the domestic terminal and then a 4 hour wait from there. Easy as.

I recommend anyone doing a long haul back to Australia do that kind of a trip to keep you sane.  ALSO…. go read the blog I wrote on the Goddess Academy site today to learn about a flight attendant that I got to share some time with on the flight. Awesome woman.

Anyway, I started a lovely chat with an event planner on the way home from Sydney today, which I thought was incredible because I looked and felt like a Yhetti. We yibbered that much, the flight took no time at all. So, we come into land, and we are chatting away, when all of a sudden I think the pilot was channelling Monster Truck energy (watch the first landing of this video) we land, HARD, bounce once and land hard again.

Well, this woman yelped or screeched or both and so did a heap of other people, with me and my new friend Taleah going “oooo” and then we both started laughing, but my laugh wouldn’t stop and the seal sound came out.

The big jumbo plane from LAX landed like we were on a bed of feathers – no bang, bounce, nothing, it was brilliant.  Not so the Virgin flight.

I wish you had have been there, it was absolutely hilarious, not to mention a little bit fun.  No apologies from the pilot either.  I bet he was texting and driving at the same time.  #GARFSNORT!

The boys were waiting for me at the top of the walk way, inching their way into the oncoming people and we had big hugs and kisses and the same with Donny. Me still trying to hold in the laughing from the panic sound from the landing. It was so relaxing driving on the side of the road I am used to.

Felt a bit violated when I got home that I found a note in my bag that I was checked in at Denver all the way to Brisbane, that the TSA had opened my bag to inspect it for dangerous items.  Since arriving home, the only thing dangerous in the bag was a collection of pumpkin flavoured malt balls, that looked nice in the shop, but taste nastier than… [fill in the blank]. Nanny doesn’t have any smell anymore, might give them to her 😉

I miss Juli and her family horribly. I miss being able to speak to my friend Ian whenever I want. I miss hearing BB snort just like I do and her husband Larry’s Texan drawl. I miss Jase’s “BAM BABY!”

I miss them as much as I missed being able to cuddle my boys and hear “Mumma, guess what?” 10 times in a half an hour.

Never have I felt this way.

I am glad to be home.

I am more than glad to be clean.

I am trying really hard not to tear up when each of my boys show me how much they missed me in their own special little way since arriving home. Cuddles a plenty.

Right now too, I am trying really really hard to keep my eyes open.

I know, like I know, like I know, how different each of my three are at expressing their feelings. Lucky I am there mummy and wife, I am the nurturer…. just like a Goddess should be.

So, the Colorado adventure is done.
Thanks again for following, I appreciate your support in helping me MONSTER TRUCK it to 30,000 reads.
Much love
Goddess of the Imperative