The Universe gives you the best messages when you are finally ready to hear them. Better yet, when you are ready to hear them, they are the biggest yet most gentle, smack in the forehead you’ll ever get.

What was my smack in the forehead this week?

It was why I am giving up on giving away my time, energy and intellectual property.

I am neither rich, nor old, and therefore do not have the time nor means to do it. 

My new goal in my intentions for my career and life:

“I work that hard and effectively to attain a level of financial abundance that I no longer have to budget to ensure I have money to cover the cost of running a business, family and home, so that when I am comfortable enough, I will then be able to step into a life of donating my time, energy and expertise to those who really truly desire it and feel awesome in doing that.”

Twice this week I’ve read articles about people who in the twilight of their life and working career, who no longer needed to work and be paid to ensure a standard of living for themselves or their children, set about dedicating their rest of their life to serving those less fortunate in whatever their profession was.

So, that’s the new me.  

I will now work with vitality and happiness, working solidly until the time I can comfortably and happily donate my time and energy to helping those that truly desire it.  I know that this being my end goal to get to a point in my life where I can give without condition is my greatest life dream and the passion I have to be able to do that, will ensure that my working life of being paid will facilitate that.  More, if everything is on track, I won’t have to wait until I’m 60 before I do get to that place in my life.

The old resentment bunny paid a visit to my brain the other day with the expectation that I be available at beck and call to a social enterprise that will benefit from my expertise but are in ‘no position’ to pay me anything let alone what I am worth.  

The upbringing of helping those less fortunate than you kicked in, but then the “I am putting my whole family in financial distress” if I allocate anymore time to freebies also kicked in.  The funniest thing I realised too, at some point, in any event or outcome where I have donated my time, someone always got paid, and it was never me.

Note to self….find experts in my field who do donate their time free of charge to help those who are in ‘no position’ to pay for a service.

If you are a small business owner reading this and you, like me, have given countless hours of your time and IP away since you started in business, you can now comfortably step away from doing that and go into the mindset of working to ensure that your life is abundant enough to donate and volunteer at some point.  There are people in your given industry doing the volunteering and donating, so be kind to their legacy and let them do that while you continue your business in a successful manner.

If you need to, for whatever reason, give away anything, then choose a day of the week, like Pro-bono Friday or choose one cause a year or one cause a half and commit to donating your time to that. Just have boundaries.

Did your planets align this week for an aha moment you never expected?