Had it put to me in a facebook post this morning by Cameron Blewett the following:

The “State of Origin” is over for another year, and Qld has won it for the 7th time. Does this mean that they will now open it up to other states for there to be some real competition or, my preferred option, no longer play it cause there is no long any point to it?

My response: “You clearly didn’t watch the game…”

Hand’s up who did?  I was there.  This was my view:

For anyone to suggest that the game has no point anymore, seriously missed one of the best origin competitions last night.  

Queensland is not cheering and being all arrogant and fake today – yeah thanks for that Rick-i – don’t forget to hoike and spit on the ground just after you say shit like that, you know just like the good old days…

Queensland is breathing a collective sigh of relief.  Why?

There was a one point difference.  Queensland won 21 to New South Wales 20.  It went down to the wire and OH MY GOD it was exciting.  I thought I was going to be sick I was so nervous. 

I was pleading in my head….
  • don’t drop the ball Queensland
  • please don’t make a mistake
  • I need to tell one person to suck shit so bad it’s not funny…
Yes, that person being a member of the business community I belong to in Ipswich who took it upon himself to defile my husband’s car with a sticker that really could have put me in mortal danger.

You just don’t drive around Queensland with that sort of “your mother’s got a big moustache” kind of comments, it’s just asking for trouble.

So, Mr Blewett, back to you.  If anyone thinks that the SoO is a waste of time because Queensland has won seven series in a row, then please go and watch netball – the Firebirds are going really well this season.

State of Origin is three games.  It is NOT a given that Queensland will win and there’s a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude as the team goes into each game.  If they did that New South Wales WOULD win.

The kudos Queensland has achieved through this sport is now legend.  It’s a state of mind, it’s a state of the heart, it’s WHAT – IT – MEANS – TO – BE – A – QUEENSLANDER.  

Unless you are one, you won’t understand.  It’s that simple.

Did you see Wally on the Footy Show the other night when they cheered that Billy Slater was out for Game 3?  Did you see his face?  That’s what it means to be a Queenslander.  Some things are just like a punch in the gut, but you can’t let them see it affected you, you just get up and get on with it. Wally did that.

That’s why you’ll never see NSW make a shirt that says Shut Up Cameron.  There’s a Smashing the Blues Shut Up Gus Shirt, because of the relentless whinging.

The concept of State of Origin for my mind is safe as houses.  It’s truly one of the most brilliant, exciting, throw up in a bucket from nerves games that Australia has to offer.  So much is at stake.

The Queensland team do not just win each year, they dig in, they fight til the death, they don’t complain, they just do their job and know that the team they are a part of has their back.  

If you haven’t got goosies reading that last part, then you must be from New Zealand.


9.05PM Read Cameron Blewett’s response HERE, sorry Firebirds, I couldn’t get you another supporter as another Queensland team worth following.  Apologies too to Nora and Michael for my lack of sense of humour and spelling errors.  Both have now been fixed and I GARFSNORT on both of you. Thanks for your invaluable feedback.