Holy crap….Rugby League.  The game I love to hate…sometimes.  I was brought up watching Rugby League as a child, because naturally, my sister and I weren’t allowed to be feminine girls, we had to be masculine girls and do everything boys do except stand to pee….but anyway, I’m getting off to the point far too quickly…

We were made to watch the football every…living….waking hour that it was on from a very early age.  I used to follow Wynnum Manly and West Mitchelton in the Queensland Rugby League.  Dad apparently played Queensland School Boys, but it must have been when Pontius was a Pilot because the photos I’ve seen were with him without boots and the team name and year written in chalk on a little blackboard the size of a note pad in copperplate writing.  Oh..ah…I crack myself up.  Dad is 64, so however long ago that was.

ANYWAY….why I am writing this post is, this Wednesday is State of Origin Game II in Sydney and Queensland are on track to win six series in a row.  Unheard of in the 30 plus years the concept has been going. 

Quite simply QUEENSLAND rules.

Why?  Because we don’t suck. 

The “them and us” feeling has been around since Jesus played Full Back for Jerusalum and I’m telling you it is the single biggest point why NSWRL will NEVER be able to capture the heart, soul and commitment to your state that Queensland has. YES I’m talking to you NSW.

We are the ones they bag north of the border, we are the ones who have for years been overlooked with Rep Jerseys.  Granted it hasn’t happened for a little while now…just sayin’ it used to happen ALOT but does that stop us?


Game II still has tickets available.  Game I was sold out in a couple of hours.  You have to set your alarm for 3am in the morning and sit signing into Ticketek hitting F5 every 30 seconds so you have a spot in the cue to get tickets…almost.

Did you read that, Game II still has tickets available…even NSWailers can’t get behind their team.  If we had a stadium that size here in Queensland, the tickets would still be sold out in a nanosecond. 

Did you watch the first game this year?  The crowd just started calling out Queenslander and lifted the boys that much they pushed through and scored.

It’s the time of year that all bets are off with club footy and you stick with your State of Origin.  It’s bred into us.  It’s loyalty like you’ve never known.  Even being Australian.  This is twice as big.  It means that Darius Boyd can slam, and slam again that gigantic tool Mark Gasnier…you know the one that talks to women like they are insects that don’t deserve to be treated with respect, just because they are women.

That’s why we have won the last five series.  NSWRL do not get it and they never will.

The only thing they do get is that they need to save money on the jerseys – none of the players had their name on their jersey on the Blues side in Game 1.  Maybe if they did that, the men would feel like they had a place in the heart of NSWRL rather than the expendable, clutching at straws things that they are. 

To be a Queenslander means nothing to those who aren’t, but if you are one like me, you’ll get what I’m saying. 

Three times a year we have permission to not have a favourable thought of a fellow Australian and we deserve it.

Go hard lads….from one very grown up feminine female, who just happens to LOVE State of Origin as much as watching the Socceroos play.