So today, was like any other Wednesday.  10am jump onto Blog Talk Radio to join my US business partner Juli DuBois in shooting the breeze about all things Goddess.

Last week we got notified by Blog Talk that our show was that popular they were going to feature us as part of their online promotion to help drive listeners to our program.  “Love you biggest much Blog Talk”.

Today we had advertised we were talking about the New Feminine and how being IN your Goddess can help men.  It was time to recount a discussion Juli had heard about between a group of 40-50 y.o. men giving a 21 y.o. some advice and how when a woman shows up in her power, it helps to keep a relationship strong.

As per usual we started the show by saying if anyone wanted to phone in they could.  That’s when the alarm bells should have gone off.  The quantity of people in the chat room already – new people, lots of numbers, then the phone lines – 10 people straight up and we hadn’t even started talking about anything yet.  We usually get around 6-7 in the chatroom, today there was 50.

So, we took a caller before starting on our topic and that was when we realised we’d been pranked. Juli could hear laughing in the background, and then the fake accent of the next caller.  Then we took another caller and it turned out to be a woman hater and by the time I hit the hang up button, you could hear him masturbating and we cut him off when he was telling Juli that he hoped his voice was the one she would hear in her head when she was masturbating.  If you want to listen to what that triggered, then you will need an hour – first half is difficult, second half is defining. Click here.

Talk about the Universe handing you things to deal with when YOU least expect it.  So, no more callers, and time to hit the airwaves about hate, at any level.

We got to see today how people so consumed with hate because of the injuries they’d suffered from someone of the opposite sex, whacks a big tar brush in their hand and they start swinging.  

Juli and I want to be global in our push to get people passed the hate. We want to show people – male and female what it looks like, sounds like, feels like to have a voice of reason behind a concept.  To not be extreme in your views.  

In a way, after today, I guess we are extreme.  We don’t hate anyone.  

Am I sad.  Yes.  

These men that rang and also the man in the chat room felt the need to belittle and demean us and to get the message out of the hate they feel towards women.  I am sad that they didn’t take the opportunity to discuss their anger rationally, that the energy behind what they were doing and saying was just what all the extreme women stand up and say ‘YOU SUCK’ for.  

I am sad because they gave voice to the YOU SUCK mindset that they are fighting back against. 

When Juli started to give them the voice of reason, you should have seen the 10 callers disappear out of the studio…one…after….the…other.  Power taken back, anger and hate had no place to exist.  I’m guessing they moved onto their next target, the extreme women saying all men need to be neutered (as one caller said).

The Universe only gives you what you can handle.  Juli and I are the Dynamic Duo. We took one for the team today.  The task ahead is a big one. Very big. 

Bring it.