I really really wanted to write a funny blog about relationships, and how important they are in the bigger picture that is life.  I started this blog way back after my business trip to New Zealand where I got to catch up with a whole heap of pivotal people, and see an old love for the first time since 1995 and how I’d realised one really big thing in my life, and it was summed up in this quote… 

“There was a time in my life when I was very interested in relationship psychology. Relationships end, but they don’t end your life. But people do often spend more time finding out about failed relationships than finding successful ones.” 
~Steve Martin~

Gratefully I got over myself and got stuck into the gratitude associated with the love who did pick me to grow old with and all the amazing things he brings to my life in my today. Particularly, we’ve known each other 18 years this year and he can still make me laugh with tears, no noise and the inability to breathe after a short period of time.  That’s important!!

Anyway, roll the clock forward to my completely healed ‘why didn’t he pick me love lost brain’ and I find myself in another situation, which after week one I was like, OMG what was I thinking and this quote is still relevant, even though this new situation isn’t a romantic one… 

It’s more along the lines, “I’ve had this happen to me before, so I’m going to paint you with the same brush because you might do the same thing to me…” kind of failed relationship type thingo.

I must have moved into a phase of my life where I need to get rid of sooooo many self-limiting belief systems in a small amount of time.  I feel like Nemo when Jacques comes along and spins him senseless to clean him.

Right now I’m positively fricken glowing, except for one small detail. 

I give in where I should say no and stick with it.  

Not to say right now this situation isn’t teaching me everything I needed validation on with what I DON’T want in my life and I’m also seeing how not to treat people, and what happens when you have pedestals, and you treat the other’s like they are stupid buckets of shit. 

It’s not pretty.

Do I have a headache. Yes.

Do I want to run the other way. Yes.

Have I realised that I’ve allowed that energy to infiltrate my system and I don’t feel very inspired right now. Yes.

Heads up to business owners reading this:

Karma is real.

If you are not starting your day honouring those who are living and breathing the passion for your business and you are not acknowledging it, if you are operating out of your own fears rather than giving those credit for what they have provided, you are going to end up sucking the big hairy ones and really soon.

Starting your day focussing on your own world, how you can inspire your team and empower them with your trust, allowing them to help make your life more prosperous, while at the same time you are in turn providing them with an income to support their lifestyle, it has to be a win win when you lead with this mindset.

Treating people like you own them because you are paying their salary is false economy. 

Business culture is imperative in longevity of employees.  Do you know how much it costs businesses to lose an employee after they have been fully trained?  Do you?  Thousands.

You are cutting your nose off to spite your face if you do not have a plan to provide an environment that allows people to do their job and come to work each day because they love it.

When I grow up, I’m going to have a University that teaches business culture, and my students are going to be the employment leaders of the world. 

You just wait and see…