Anyone sitting in a mindspace that social media is for young people or that it is a fickle method of communication that is doing nothing for society, I want to grab you and shake you and say WAKE UP.  You will find that it is traditional media who spruik the negatives of social media, and I’m not la-la enough to admit that there are some pretty horrendous stories out there with social media.  

Just for today though, let’s have a think and list all the GREAT things that have happened because of social media.  It’s powerful, it’s made the world a smaller place, it’s opened up the world of people who don’t have the gift of being able to leave their home.


So folks, if you are still sitting there saying “I never will”, go read about Channel 9 and Channel 10 in Australia and suck in that pride and hurry up and get on it.  You are missing out big time if you don’t.