I don’t do drama.  In fact, I hate it.  Stick to the facts, don’t take something off topic and DON’T make something sound worse than it really is by adding some adjectives* and a little bit of ‘tude** into what’s really going on.

*/** I may be doing that in this post on one or two occasions, but just go with me, it’s aka SARCASM. #garfsnort

This weekend I had a whole heap of drama and I learned something very valuable: Drama begets drama. 

More, drama has the ability to grow spores in a petri-dish quicker than a sample taken from chicko roll in a hotbox on a long weekend.

What to do in the face of drama was my biggest quandary this weekend. 

First thing that happened was I posted an emotional comment about America (NOT Americans) and the gun laws there.  

What ensued was a fascinating example of human interaction.  

People I knew in person and had spoken to in real life, who didn’t necessarily agree with me, still had enough respect for me and MY page to not go postal on me, but put forward their questions and beliefs and it was, in my belief, how people still fueled with emotion interact and getting messages across.  

Let’s just for today’s lesson call this being a “Grown-Up”.

Well, a chappy with whom I’ve never met, today he will be known as “Tim the Tool Man” ended up ‘speaking’ to my friend like the shootings were her fault, that everything ‘wrong’ with America she should be personally held responsible for and finished his tirade off with “get some perspective woman”.  

He then private messaged me and let me know in no certain terms how I’d let the team down by not going her as well, and how inappropriate it was of me to tag him when I told him that interaction on my page was not permitted while deleting an earlier comment because he would then look bad. 

Ahem… like I contributed to that dude?  I think you got that one all on your own, and I personally believe I did your future in politics, in America, a favour by deleting them. Just sayin’ …

Anyway, me being the “piss weak” human I was – thanks Tim the Tool Man, I’ve taken on your description of me and own it like a bitch now – I went a road not travelled that often and clicked unfriend.

In summary, it’s my belief that it’s a good thing to have an opinion.  Facebook were very clever to set up individual pages to allow people, you know, to be individuals.  

If you want to have successful outcomes on social media, then respect OTHER PEOPLE’S pages by communicating respectfully.  If you think they are the biggest dick’s on the planet, then go on your own page and say what you feel on your own page.  The habit of going onto other people’s pages and shitting all over it is called SEAGULLING. Essentially, it’s bad manners to do that.  

It also is very important being true to your authentic personal brand.  Put it to yourself that if you asked all your facebook or twitter friends what are three words that sum up your personal brand they should be able to state things. They would be able to say: John does like cats, refers to sandwiches as sammiches and shares his creations, and is into motorbikes.  

Also, before committing to a friend you’ve not met before, just make sure their beliefs are aligned by more than 50% and there are no DEAL BREAKERS in the belief systems. 

My mistake.

Next blog I get to talk about the other part of the weekend and watching someone who has evolved out of a drama state of mind and their reaction to an unforeseen circumstance…

In conclusion, my heartfelt sorrow goes to all the families devastated by this tragedy as well as the families in China the week before.  I personally pray that the collective grief of the people around the world will support you through the most chronic pain you will suffer.