So we have become a society that communicates online, and the dynamics involved with that are forcing people and business into grasping a new way of communicating.

Here’s where I like it the most and for those of you with shy disorders, or don’t think you have a voice…. think again!

You get to post something on your wall, a statement, a bit of motivation, an issue, a complaint.  Essentially, you have a world stage for your voice.

Then you’ll have people either like it or respond with their 10 cents worth. 

Here’s the self esteem boost… you have the power of the like button.  The ultimate final say.

Are you a person who needs to have the final say, and keeps being crucified because you may be too verbose in your response?

The like button is for you.  Go orn… practice with it.  Get onto someone’s page that has left a comment that you might like to respond to….

Now remember, it’s someone else’s page, so don’t go gettin’ all in their face if you completely disagree, and get all nasty on them, just say your peace and then watch what happens. 

You may have a post trail of a few, but in the end, when you don’t want to play anymore, just hit the like button.


There, now don’t you feel better.