Day 5

It’s Saturday here in Colorado. I woke up this morning to the good news that the dysfunction that was our Government is dead and there’s a fresh start for my country. Yes, as I suspected with a post on my fb page about three words to describe how you feel summed it up a great deal; I wasn’t the only one that felt a bit daunted about our country’s future with the choices we had.

Kevin Rudd epitomizes everything that I dislike about politics. Tony Abbott scares the crap out of me with his attitude towards women and how much of his religion he brings into his job. I just am going to live in the hope that it’s a parliament and not just one man.

What was I thinking though, this is not a political post, this is about SHOPPING in America. I am not a very large fan of shopping, groceries or stuff, and as it turns out after 6.5 hours of it today, neither is Juli.  Today though, the world has taken a new turn. We had the best day!  My world for a 40ft container. There was a Le Creuset shop with every shade of cookware known to man. My favourite was the Aubergine at 60% off. My kids are going to love me when they see the things I have for them. I have some amazing buys for me as well.  The choice. Oh my lord. the choice.

As I type this, it’s just gone midnight and we’ve not long returned from a trip to the store to get some snacks. The shop shuts at midnight.

We had lunch at a burger restaurant today called Red Robins. Coupla things happened that are different to Australia….

  1. the toilet flushes on it’s own whether you are finished or not, which brings on a whole world of panic when you wonder what to do with the bit that is left over. Lucky my spidey senses helped me out with finding a secret button to push.
  2. when you order a burger you can ask for it to be cooked like you would a steak.
  3. serving attendants are on $4 an hour, which only covers the tax they have to pay when they earn it so they depend on tips.

So, so far we have big slabs of feminine hygiene products, huge cans of drink, very large cars at every turn and massive open hours and pourly (pour…get it) paid people. Oh and stuff shopping over here is the bom!

Tomorrow is sight-seeing. I am hoping for bears.
Until then…
Amanda, the Goddess of the Imperative