Now, this post I am asking you to stay with me, right til the end.  I’m living my authenticity by talking about a practice, while decades and decades old, still may have some of you going – ooo hairy armpitted la-la trying to brain wash us with Spiritual crap. 

For those of you who know me personally or have been watching my posts on my Foyster’s page or personal page, you should realise or already know that I’m a what you see is what you get, grounded, apparently on top of things, fully functional woman who runs a business, mentors, has two young children, a husband, blogs, tweets, trains, volunteers and does my best to empower others.  I do have an ironing lady – so I’m not that on top of things…. or maybe I am?

Thoughtful pause…..ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Where was I?  Oh yes…anyway, please read to the end.  First lesson in Spiritual Crap 101 – nothing is an accident or coincidence, so if I can appeal to you to read to the end, you may just be introduced to something valuable to help you or someone around you get on top of their game with the least amount of suffering.  The reason why I am speaking up with this post is the Reiki I’ve performed over the last month has been off the Richter…the results have been astounding and I’m hoping that some testimonials will be added to this post – so come back often 😉

I trained to be a qualified Level 3 Reiki Practitioner in January of 2009 and can truly say it was the best decision of my life. I was taught traditional Reiki with a twist – and it has since been described to me by a different Reiki Master as New Age Reiki.  It is important to know that Reiki is now being offered in medical facilities around the world to help support surgical patients to recover more quickly – and it’s working!

Reiki (universal life force energy) is traditionally an energy exchange which is completed in silence. The Reiki I specialise in is Remote Reiki which means I can send the Reiki energy anywhere in the world at any time. The difference thoughis, as I send it, I ask what is going on in the Chakra and am provided with an information down load not unlike a medium providing people with a reading.

The information is only associated with what is ‘stuck’ in the chakra and the Reiki releases it. It is not ‘fortune telling’ or what’s coming to you, it’s what’s stuck and what has now gone. I write until the information stops. It doesn’t matter where you are or the time difference, you can have a Remote Reiki. With the benefit of Skype, I can read the report to you and we talk about the findings.

I had a client say to me the other day “…it’s a bit scary knowing that your inner most thoughts are not yours”, which I completely resonated with given my introduction to Reiki all those years ago. My very first experience with this Reiki (the only version I have known) was the same – the Reiki Master pulled up my greatest fear that I had not uttered to a SOUL. There were lots of incredulous tears, but the emotional and physical freedom the Reiki provided was insurmountable.

The best part about the report I provide is I don’t remember what I’ve written – the information is not mine and the very best part is what ever has been brought out is leaving or has left – which means freedom for you too!

As my training and learning continues, I am finding I am helping to facilitate great results in clients who come to me for Reiki. It is my belief, through my practice, that by bringing to your awareness the emotions stuck in the chakra you are able to realise wellness more quickly. You know what’s left and you’ll feel the difference.

I also use visualisation techniques if I am guided to do so to remove genetic, memory or passed life threads. Every visualisation is different, so I receive validation every time that what I am seeing is being provided to me, I am not making it up.  I have an incredible team of dead people who support me in my role as a Reiki Practitioner and also as what’s called a Lightworker.  I speak so often of my dead people, I found out the other day that someone googled “dead people amanda foy” to try and find this blog….YOU ROCK!

So I put to you or someone you might know, if you ever wanted to give it a go, or you are at your wits end on what to do with some level of overwhelm in your life, I would recommend you make a booking. If you are in South East Queensland you can come to my rooms and get to lie down for 40 minutes or so, if not you will still receive the same benefit no matter where you are. 

I have worked with children as young as four.  Reiki is pure, it cannot hurt nor hinder, but only support, nurture and provide freedom from emotional trauma like you’ve never experienced.  It is the Reiki that moves it on, it’s the awareness that I provide with the remote reiki that gives you the validation of why you feel free.

You can follow my facebook page Remote Reiki at and you can book in through emailing me by clicking HERE.  It will be the best $80 investment you’ve ever made and you’ll need to take at least an hour out of your day if you come to visit, or 40 mins to discuss findings if you are a long way away 😉