Today, I designed a logo for a client who has set up a business called Smarty Pants Social Media Networking
and we loaded it up for comments.

When I first showed SPSMN the logo, Tania’s first reaction was oh, I don’t know, looks a bit like a prostitute. For me the red shoes denoted success, the owner of the business is a successful female following her passion. Not only is she walking, she’s excelling.

It’s time to change mindsets, and pre-conceived opinions. It’s time to embrace the feminine and not be ashamed of shining in one’s chosen path. There was a quote I read once and re-posted on my page – we aren’t afraid of failure, we are afraid of shining and all that that brings.

I get the concept of bare legs and red shoes might mean sexy, (not prostitute) but social media is sexy. It’s bringing new opportunities to business with little to no outlay, the world is connecting more and more through the internet and facebook and twitter; who wouldn’t want to be sexy and jump on board to the new concept.

Now I have a friend who has also started a blog “Sal-vation” and her first blog is featuring some very sexy pink squiggy slippers. I thought about popping those in with the words, but I just didn’t get the same lust for Social Media as I did with the red high heels.

Please also don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with prostitutes – they play an important role in our society. I personally believe that if I was going to denote SPSMN in a prostitute kind of way there may have been a little bit of leopard skin and a nice warm flannel and bottle of detol hand wash, you know the kind that kills 99% of germs.

But no, Smarty Pants Social Media Networking was just screaming hot red shoes at the end of yummy legs. Legs that are going places, and if you don’t jump on the band wagon, they’ll be going on their own. Red is the colour that will stick in the minds of many, it means passion, it means success and it means PAY ATTENTION I’M SUCCESSFUL!

What do you think it means? Would love your thoughts on the imagery. Click on the link and go have a look. Need you to do that, because I haven’t done the course in Social Media yet, and have no idea how to post a photo on my blog. Yes, you may have guessed it, I’m wearing beige fluffy slippers. Haven’t qualified for the red high heels yet.