Today was our next day of working on Goddess awareness.  Fortunately it ended up being about fear blockages – Juli and I re-visited the work that we did together when we first started our friendship.  This trip is a defining time for both Juli and I to understand what we are doing for the Goddess Imperative going forward into 2014.

Today we gained full understanding of what’s happening and where we are going with everything.

It is a good day.

As with all the work we do together, when we are in flow and what looks like to others that we are just shooting the breeze, things that we speak of in our vulnerability and our truth, always hatch the doorways to blockages that neither of us expect when they show up.

Today, I had one, and my lord, it was massive. Things that can turn on a dime, things that you can’t see, things that you miss, the trust that you need to know that you will get through with the things show up, when you least expect it. Understanding the level of unconscious fear I was operating from which in essence was feeding every fear about me stepping into my greatness.

Today, Day 7 was the day it was meant to come to the surface and take it’s leave of my energy and soul. I get to ensure it never comes back with my Reiki.

In other news, Juli showed me what a cloud that, if it was on the plains, would have turned into a tornado, looked like. I am very grateful we aren’t on the plains.

As always, I am eternally grateful for Juli and also the work that we do.

Thank Goddess for the Imperative and all it has provided us both and those we have been fortunate enough to have in our lives.

Tomorrow is another part of the Rockies.

Until then…