Today is Monday the 4th of June here in Australia. It’s the day I learned that it really does pay to not care what other people think.

I had to go into my local bank branch and as I walked in, there were three adults standing at the counter where you complete your deposit or withdrawal slips arguing about how much money to take out, who it was for and what the date was.

Now, I have a strong stomach and a high tolerance for smells, but one or two of these people smelled so bad it was all I could do not to gag.  So in between the  f-bombs and the c-bombs, these three people were not only oblivious to the smell that was now pervading the entire branch, but also that the three tellers were looking passed their computers with the WT look on their faces, as well as the periferal glances from the other members of the public waiting in line.  

In short the three stinky swearing like foreign students who have no concept of a new word they just learned people didn’t give a flying fahooty about what was going on around them.

Did you see what I just wrote?


So, those of us who aren’t stinky and don’t drop clangers in the quantities that one would use the word THE, what do we have to learn from this experience?

You and you alone are responsible for how much importance you put on what other people think.

Second, if you are happy in your human shell, then great, that’s all you can aim for.

We could step out in clothes that make us feel nice, hair shining, white teeth, nice shoes, fragranced, smiling at those we walk passed, saying please and thank you when you exchange pleasantries with another and be exactly the same as the ‘aromatic trio’ I encountered if but for one thing….

…you don’t give a flying fahooty.  

That’s the important part…the important message.  Do not do anything in your life to keep someone else happy.  If you have a level of hygiene that you are happy with to go into public, then that’s all you can do.  If you get up and spend 2 hours preparing yourself to go to the bank because of what other’s might think…go back to bed.

I know for certain that this is how it works.  Do you know why?  

No one said anything to the three funkateers, no one asked them to mind their language, no one asked them to stop smelling worse than death.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  You could hear the judgement pinging off the walls, ceilings and the impregnable safes, but no one said anything out aloud.

Could the Trifecta of smell, adjective junkies and decibel levels change the judgement that was pinging around the room like a silver metal ball in a pinball machine? 


Did they care?  I am going to go with No.

Therefore, I want to be them.