Ever been sitting doing something innocuous and a thought about someone you haven’t thought of in yonks jumps into your head and then sometime in the not too distant future you hear from them, bump into them or receive mail from them?

That is an energy exchange.  It’s either a heads up, a message to say Hi, I’m thinking about you or here comes something that is going to make you go “wow, that’s weird”. 

More and more when you move to a state of awareness where you start noticing these ‘coincidences’, you will realise that there are no such things as accidents or coincidences.

This is especially so for the people that come into your life.  

You’ve probably heard the reason, season or lifetime analogy with people coming into your life. 

Pay attention to that.

When you live in your now and in a state of awareness which is also another word for acknowledgement, you will be able to work out why some people come and go, some stay for a while and some stay for ever.

When you get that, and remove any need or fear about relating experiences, this is actually a really nice way of having relating experiences.  

Even the ones that end ‘badly’.  

You get to look at what they taught you, they give you every opportunity to take ownership of why you attracted them and the situation into your life and then you get act accordingly. That is, whether you are going to change anything with yourself to ensure that it doesn’t show up again, or just be better equipped if it does.

I live in so much gratitude daily of the people that are in my today and my yesterday and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for the people who will be there in my tomorrow.

I made friends with a colleague when I worked in London way back in 1997. I mentioned that I’d always wanted to go to Canada and he sent an email off to a long time friend to see if he could put me up if I did decide to come to Toronto.

Well, 15 years down the track, I never made it to Toronto, I’m still friends with my friend from London.  Such good friends in fact that through social media, he was able to reach out and get support from me here in Australia while his wife was in labour.  

Do you know what that meant to me?  

This friend has shared a small part of his journey this life time, but he knows where I stand on his life, and for him to share that special part of his life with me, his fears, his emotions, and most of all how clever his beautiful wife was to safely deliver their beautiful son?  

I am blessed.

The friend he introduced me to in Canada.  Where do I start on that one?  We have never met in real life, and our staying in touch over the last 15 years looks like a financial flow chart, but always there.  Again, with social media and skype we talk every week now, and we both get to share the joy of our mutual friend and his lovely family.  How I wish that we could both turn up with a basket full of goodies to surprise our new Dad and Mum to say Hi and thank you.

NEVER question who comes into your life, what they are going to share with you, what they are going to teach you and how much they will impact your tomorrows when those tomorrows become your todays.

Mike… if you get to read this. Thank you.