So today is Sunday here in sunny SEQ and that means there is a Gourmet Market on in my little city of Ipswich….which by the way is the most happening place in SEQ…. today the market was at d’Arcy Doyle Place onto the Ipswich Mall.

Today I learned and had validated why passion makes all the difference.  So many examples of it came at me from every direction.  David Bostock reshuffled the market to take advantage of the wonderful energy in d’Arcy Doyle Place and then had it spill over to the top of the mall.  It was a Gourmet Precinct from 7am to 1pm today. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone looked happy, the stallholders were having successful mornings.

Energy is so important in the function of anything.  When energies are negative or ‘dark’ things just don’t fire, but collectively, as a group, there are a bunch of us changing all that to make a shopping routine become a reality for Ipswich folk and visitors – every Sunday.

So where’s the passion come into it?  I need to digress for one small moment….but I promise to come back to the passion…..stay with me.

There are many people in our lives who will say to you ‘it’s not possible…’; ‘you can’t do that…’; ‘yeah, we’ve done it before and it didn’t work….’; ‘this is how you should be doing it because I know better than you’; or maybe they are close family members who think they are genetically entitled to tell you you are wrong, stupid, and living in la-la land with anything you decide to do.  It doesn’t matter that you know in your heart of hearts that it’s right for you and nothing else matters.

Still with me? …..good…..this is where the passion explanation comes into it….

When you hatch an idea in your head based on something you love, love, love doing, you get this huge thumping heart.  You are so excited about your idea, you are probably floating one inch above the ground because you can see it, you can feel it, you have a note book beside your bed and are sitting up at 1am in the morning writing down ideas to help you see your idea come to fruition.  It is all you can do with your every waking thought.

Do you have a time in your life where you remember feeling like this?  Got to that time, tune into it, remember how you felt and hold onto that feeling while you are sitting here with me reading this….longer if you can….

I spent time this morning with the girls at Little-Cakes and the girls at Fourth Child and David Bostock who runs the markets.  These people are oozing with passion.  They are doing what they love and it’s paying dividends.  I know one of them has had it come from every direction with the negative energy, but they have persisted and everything is turning around.

Unwaivering passion. 

It’s all you need.

DO NOT let other people fill your head with their shit.  DO NOT let other people on completely different journeys to your own, stop you from living your dream which has been confirmed by your heart BECAUSE YOUR HEART IS YOUR BIGGEST FAN. It is not going to trick you, it is not going to lead you up the garden path, it is not going to push you over a cliff.

Don’t get me wrong, your dream and passion may take you to what you think are your limits, because you are smart, you know that you’ve got to do your homework, and you’ve got to stick with it, and you’ve got to keep the passion alive even when you are being hammered left right and centre.

I am speaking from experience…..I am an expert in my life story…and I am living proof of recognising when something is someone elses shit and how you honour them by thanking them for caring enough to be frightened for you, but you’ll handle that part of your life….thanks very much….with as much love as you can muster….even to anyone trying to cut you down through jealousy…’s ok, you will be able to move passed it…..but don’t let DOUBT get in the way; because quite simply there is no doubt you are a massive success and your passion is evidence of that success.

You are putting every ounce of positivity into what you are doing.  That’s why the gourmet delights at Fourth Child and Little Cakes taste so good.  That’s why David Bostock is still smiling and handing out kisses and cuddles like there is no tomorrow.  PASSION.

Get some, it’s good for you.