You know how when you go to school and you learn about algorithms, BODMAS or BOMDAS for some and that you should never refer to the reader when you write a story…apparently…and you wonder how you are ever going to use them in your ‘real life’.

Pedicures are the same I have realised.  I get one every 2-3 months for no particular reason other than they make my toenails look nice. I think the Toe Fairy was on long service leave when they made my toes (and feet for that matter), and they aren’t my favourite body part, but the polish makes me feel better about them.   Anyway, sitting in a chair with your feet in a warm bubble bath while a very lovely lady shaves your heals never really has any purpose does it?  Well, I now know why it does.

It’s like wearing clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus.  You just never know when you are going to have to display your toes to a relative stranger at the most unexpected times – especially in a corporate meeting. 

Thank God my pedicured toes still looked remotely feminine when I went to a meeting earlier this week and had to remove my shoes because of the polished floors and then sit on the back deck in the freezing wind.  I had to bless my host though, he realised how freezing it was and gave me a pair of his socks to wear so my toes did not go black and snap off.  Talk about the life of a WAHP (work at home parent)!

Anyway…where does this fit in with passion I hear you ask?  Well, this chap had that much I reckon if I could have covered it in a gossamer bag, it wouldn’t have fit in the back of my car….and if I didn’t have a passion for my painted toe nails, I would have suffered with stress and wondering what they thought of my feet! Which says a lot about my self esteem when it comes to my feet, but I digress…let’s get back to the passion.

This man was so passionate about what he does and what he is trying to achieve he had to pace around the deck area to keep his thoughts lucid and on track.  I was taking notes like there was no tomorrow and trying to bring him back on track when he did start to venture off into the wilds of his said passion.  I just looked at him in amazement that he felt as strongly about his craft as I do about mine.  My task was, if I chose to accept it, to let him be passionate, and then try and show him how the passion for my craft could support his.  Sometimes it was like the cone of silence had come down and the kaleidoscope glasses has been placed on the nose because it just wasn’t sinking in.

So, how do two passions cope in the same space? One has to yield too. It’s the only way.

This was evidenced last night here in Queensland Australia when the Queensland Rugby League Team took on the New South Wales Rugby League team at Game 2 of the 2010 State of Origin match.  Two teams, two different levels of passion and 54,457 (about) spectators to add to the mix.

Personally I think the NSWailers need to take time out and go and get a pedicure….I can recommend a lovely lady at Booval Fair Shopping Centre. Colour 56 matches the maroon jersey perfectly.

The Queenslanders showed everyone what passion for your state, your mate and the game is and it was passion showcased at the grandest scale.  The Qlders yielded.  They didn’t express their passion in aggression, they expressed their passion in being true to who they really are.  They copped elbows, forearms and face plants, constantly all night, oh and one dangerous spear tackle thrown in there too, and they only fought back when pushed too far.

This is my message this week.  Show passion, feel passion and live passionately, but be true to everything about what you are trying to achieve, and do it without hurting others.  I am passionate enough about my craft with Foyster’s and my Reiki to know when I have to yield and let the blind faith passion take it’s path.  I am smart enough and good enough at what I do to still help with passion, without causing grief or trying to get my point across.  It does no good to anyone to mistake passion for stubbornness and arrogance, but it does everyone good when you can embrace passion for the greater good.