Today is 11 September, 2013.  It is 4 years today since Juli reached out to me on facebook with a friend request.  We were friends with the same person at the time. Not long after our friendship started, Juli asked me if she could give me a reading in return for a testimonial because she wanted to see if she could do readings for people on the other side of the globe.  I reciprocated with a Remote Reiki to see if I could do them for someone OS and the rest is history really.

The reading I had at the time seemed to fit what was in my day at the time, but only a short 3 months later all of that went pear shaped and disappeared into an Abyss. What Juli translated in my reading, we never thought all the way back then that it was us that would be partnering in a global business.

So, as I sit here in Colorado at 7000ft still having to catch my breath doing up my shoes, I can truly say I have never been more happy and content in my life.  From a relationship point of view with my husband and children, my friendship with Juli, what we are doing and the incredible fit that we have.

We are essentially doing the ultimate “do you want to come to the toilet with me” female thing, and by Goddess, you couldn’t get a better fit.  We have total and complete allowance for who we are and what we bring to each others life. We are living proof of how women can be on the same team for the greater good without ego.

Today, we had our first meeting together with another consortium of AMAZING women to put together a program that has never been done and everyone is on the same page, everyone wins, everyone contributes, everyone, especially the program participants, are going to see with such clarity how you can collaborate with win wins.  The difference…. EVERYONE knows their strength, EVERYONE is living their purpose, EVERYONE has full allowance that it’s not a one thing fixes all – it’s a process.

This is the new way of life for Juli and I.  This is our reality.  This is because four years ago we said yes to what our soul camp told us was in our highest and greatest good.

We are four years into our legacy and so excited with everything that is coming in the next four months.

My life with Juli is living proof of manifesting a soul sister where all the baggage I brought to the table with the relationships with other women has been healed.  She has also helped me heal my relationship with the men and how they have shown up in my life. She has taught me compassion, understanding and helped me understand how loving myself first is the most powerful and healing place to be.  I too have brought much love and understanding to a woman who has also had many situations in her life that produced fear as things came up for her through our work.

We are not unusual women. We are not any different to any other person walking on this earth. We are just like you, and our life today is simply as a result of saying yes, doing the work, getting through the healing, sharing the tears, and finally in this last week, the hugs.

Just say yes to wanting it all. You can have it all.

Happy anniversary to us.
Goddess of the Imperative