Yesterday I received a facebook message from someone asking about what happened to a large project I had that didn’t get off the ground and would I be having another go. I responded with a ‘it’s a GREAT concept, but not for me to try again’ and then gave them a contact for a company who will be.

Part of the response received was “you’ve had such bad luck this year”.

Well, that sat me back in my chair a bit and made me ponder for a second.  My first response was “Really? Do you think?”

Then I went into a HUGE happy dance… 

This is what awareness and personal development evolution looks like people.  

I would NEVER have said I’ve had bad luck….only powerful lessons in listening and following my heart…. and not being stubborn aka not listening or following my heart. Garf snort!

So, I am going to retract my mantra that other people’s perceptions aren’t important… indeed my lovely people … they are … they are gifts sent from the Universe to show you when you are on purpose and where you are in your journey of self.

My measure of success I am living right now.  I invite you to jump on board.

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