So, the last couple of weeks I’ve received clarity on a big part of my journey, and a few of my colleagues and friends have validated the thought. 

I need to plough forward of my own accord or I get left behind in my doubt, get weighed down with extra fears and the burden of a whole lot of extra weight I don’t need.

NORMAL DOES NOT GET NOTICED was a very valuable bit of advice I received by the lady who runs Veitablu Heath Sensations when she was talking about George one night.

I’m in the business of communicating and more and more as the weeks go by, I’ve had it reinforced that “communicating” means communication at every level….I talk and listen to dead people and the best news is that I am not a hairy armpitted la-la who specialises in living in my head.  (There is btw nothing wrong with hairy armpitted la-la’s – I just have a different approach which works for me).

I’m a very grounded individual who has been a skeptic of my gifts – even though I have been repeatedly been given factual proof that my gift exists and I’m a professional business woman, wife and mother with two minors to facilitate growing into majors.

So what’s my point I hear you ask… I’m slowly combining my gift with my Remote Reiki readings in with the professional communications and events business I run.  I am living my truth, I am embracing my truth, and also living and breathing my passion of making sure even the smallest business looks like a big business because one day it’s going to be a big business and needs to not be pfaffing about with big business images, ideology and procedures when that day comes….it’s already done.

What I’m waffling about is this in a nutshell:  You can combine ALL your passions into a daily driving force – if you want to.  There is a way around everything.  Find your niche, find your calling and go with it.  The people will come.   You get to do what you love doing, and that’s your pay off.

For business people who aren’t comfortable charging what you are worth – come and see me for a Reiki and let’s see how you go with that.

For business people who can’t seem to get their business fired up – come and see me for a session of the ‘fresh eyes that every business deserves’.

For business people who want a new direction because their business isn’t doing so well – come and see me for the fresh eyes approach….and best of all….

For businesses who want to involve their staff in amazing team building exercises like Christmas Functions or monthly information sessions about their business or thank the people who make your business a success and allow you the lifestyle with which you live…come and see Foyster’s – we’ve got all the good ideas on how to be grateful to the people who help you live your passion.