Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies…

There is so much propaganda about that says to take the positive road, and don’t be negative.  Unless you are Jesus, I think that that is near on impossible.  

We have generations of negativity bouncing around the little DNA corridors of our souls and it would take one highly tuned FREAK of nature to not have a small amount of negativity come through….even just a little bit….well, there might be a few, but if you put that in perspective to the 7 billion souls wondering this planet that you can physically see and touch: it equates out to a FREAK of nature.

Anyway, my point being…negativity is ok.  It’s how long you hold onto it that is the trick.  It is also how much of it you take on that isn’t your own that is also the biggest trick to identify.

So many of us, under the guise of love, worry for others.  We take on the burden of others because there’s some sort of ego based concept that you can handle it better than the person whose burden it is. #NB first mistake.

I had someone say to me once, “who the hell are you to think that it’s your right to rob someone of their opportunity to grow?”


That really sat me on my arse.  I thought I was doing it out of kindness and compassion. 


I thought I was better at handling someone else’s shit than they were at handling their shit.  HOW RUDE!!

That one single comment cured me forever.  Truly.  It was like flicking a light switch and I tell you my load lightened…

Well…long enough for me to get more involved in my own worry about my own things.

That brings me to the next point.  

When you worry, you aren’t living in the now.  You are either living in a passed situation that you cannot change, and even wishing you’d’ve done things differently will still not change it and then, if you are worrying about things that might be going to happen, you are trying to live in the future and that never comes…so it’s pointless.

Have your goals, aspirations, dreams and desires.  

Set them in your mind. Visualising them panning out just like you’d hoped, then come back to your now and start living it.

When I live in the now, I feel lighter, I enjoy the experience and the joys of what is here right now.  

Your new motto, I recommend at any rate, should be: “WHO CARES?”

Before I go on, I want to guarantee to you that you can have this attitude from a place of love, not malice. 

Two years ago tomorrow on the 2nd of October, 2009 I became self employed.  For one split second of time – over a two week period 🙂 – I put everything in place without fear, without worry, without negativity, to fulfill a dream that I had had since I was 24 years old.  You see, the fear, and what my life had planned for me didn’t cease existing until the 02.10.2009.  

Has there been fear since that time?  YUP.  When I lost my business in the floods in January that fear-o-meter went through the roof, but as I said earlier, my periods of fear, negativity, not living in the now are up to me.  I don’t hold onto them too long.  I do not want to look like a walrus that has been lying in the sun for seven days ie wrinkly and dribbling a lot.

So, I challenge you, my dear reader to evaluate how much negativity do you have in your life?  Do you thrive on negativity or do you wish it was goneski?  How much worry do you have in your life?  Are you living in your past or future more than 10% of your day? Has your circle of friends or family got enough negativity to power a nuclear reactor?  Does all that negative energy make you glow in the dark?  Do you want it to change?

When you really look around you at how much you have to be grateful for, do you still then revert to something negative?  If you do, I recommend Butterflies or Rainbows to stem the negative thought processes.

That’s what I do when I’m stuck on one, think of a butterfly – you know those really pretty black and blue ones from the tropics?

Be kind to yourself if you are able to categorically recognise you are a pathological negativity bucket….garf snort….say, ok, I am, and today it all changes.

We are all human.  

We all can’t be surreal, lala, nothing will ever bother me people all the time. If you were, you would be dead and you would be talking to me telling me to write this on behalf of you and your other dead friends….

Put your feet on the ground, get out of your head, take stock of everything you have to be grateful for, even if that’s just that you have eyes to be able to read this missive, and then turn the corner.