Have you ever had someone tell you about “the most positive beautiful person  on the planet” being diagnosed with cancer or passing unexpectedly.

Have you ever been really angry at God/Universe/Source because this beautiful soul who has never harmed a fly has been taken before their time?

I bet when you describe this person you’ll say somethings like “never had a harsh word; never frowned; always smiling; always happy”.

With the mindset that blocked emotions = disease or ill health … go and find out what that person died from or the kind of cancer they got and research what emotion is associated with that part of the body.

I bet you’ll go ……….. “hmmmm, very interesting.”

We have been brought up in a paradigm of ‘one mustn’t show emotion’, ‘one must always look for the positive…’ etc…

I’m here to tell you, just like Matthew McConnaughey told Kate Hudson:


Negativity, in the full spectrum of things that it can show up as, is a NORMAL. HUMAN. BEHAVIOUR. 

It is integral in your health and wellbeing that you be ok with letting your negativity see the light of day, because if you just shut it up somewhere inside your body / soul / core – it’s going to show up as disease and you’ll be coming to me looking for a Reiki to help you get your health back.

The trick is, my dear, to allow it, recognise it, and then make it your purpose to move on from it as quickly as you can.  I recommend aiming at 48 hours. 

It’s completely possible.  One of my favourite thoughts to help me is:


Don’t wallow. 

Get empowered by honouring the negativity and then getting PASSED it. 

Go-orn…off you go.