Negative people. Hmmm, where to start. They can be the office bully, they can be a sister who is quintessentially jealous of everything you do, a past love interest that ended badly that you just can’t seem to move on from, a parent who did or has said some ordinary things.  

The negative people I’m referring to today are the ones that have been or are in your every day that you are having a relating experience with.

Good news is that you can now release them from your life without a sharp implement or illegal firearm AND they don’t even have to be there to receive the volcanic ash that you would like to have rest on the bridge of their nose as residue when you’ve finished screaming at them how revolting they are.

You see, when people take you away from your happy place, and the taking away I’m speaking of isn’t when they have you draped over their shoulder running over a pit of snakes, there are energetic links between you that can be removed.

I know. 

Sounds woo-woo doesn’t it?  

Well, stick with me, because I’m the Corporate Woo-Woo remember – the grounded one with smooth armpits and a love of single coloured garments.

I have an energy technique that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and once you learn it, anywhere you like and at anytime, that will release negative people from your energy.

Now, this can transpire with the negative person just leaving your life all together, OR the person who you would like to stab with a blunt rusty object straight out of the garden shed remains in your daily life, but they have NIL, yes NIL effect on how you feel in your day.  

It’s an extraordinary technique, of which I have used a number of times over the years.  The results are gold!

You invest one hour of your time and AU$22 to learn one of the most loving techniques you’ll ever know.  For you and your negative person.  Don’t forget, releasing them from your energy is also the greatest gift you can give them.

So, if you’d like to join me on a one hour webinar, please click this link if you are on Facebook: EVENT

OR this link to my website:  GODDESS IMPERATIVE

Hope to see you there.