Today has been so much better than yesterday, and yesterday was pretty good. I really can’t say enough how much changing your thoughts, or living in trust that everything is under control and in perfect order can help lift your spirit.

The other thing I want to remind everyone of too is that if you need help then ask. Whether that is from a friend, colleague, family member or the Universe, just ask. What can happen? They can say no? You never know your luck in the big city, they might just say yes.

A week ago, I went to a networking function for Ipswich Women in Business and Tania Murphy from Jet Beads and Craft and Smarty Pants Social Media Networking spoke about Social Media and how it fits into what all us business people in Ipswich are doing. It reaches so much further with the likes of Support a WAHP (work and home parent) set up by a lady Amanda Powell in Mackay FNQ. Tania said we need to move into a Tribe mentality.

I couldn’t agree more, as a sole trader and working in my office, I don’t have a collection of people to interact with during the day like I did when I was employed by another company. I will say too, I’ve always worked for large corporates, so I always had a huge number of people around me to interact with over the course of my day. When you are someone with their own business that hasn’t progressed to needing staff, your peeps on facebook and at the networking gigs become your work mates. They are the ones you hang out to see and chat with at any opportunity.

That’s why my life ROCKS.

Not only does the Universe hand me things…amazing things….when I least expect it, but I totally deserve (big smile)…I have this incredible network of people around me who are like my work mates. Going to coffee at Cactus and seeing people you know and being able to say hello and have a chat. It’s the best of both worlds. You don’t work in each other’s back pockets, so you CANNOT get sick of each other, and when you are out and about, you are always happy, so you CANNOT be unhappy to say hi, kisses all round and Bob’s your aunty, everyone feels better for the contact.

I challenge anyone reading this that works for a company to go to work tomorrow and give everyone you work with a kiss on the cheek hello, and if someone is grumpy or eternally cross, that you have the ability to smile, wave and walk away.

The Ipswich Tribe, which is also growing thanks to the likes of Amanda Powell, is changing and redefining communications in our little corner of the world. From me, I just want to say THANK GOD FOR EVERYONE, and thank you for contributing to the ROCK factor in my life.

Amanda x