Ok, so if you connect with me on facebook, you will see I have a series of photos that point out who I am, Mother, Wife, Business Woman, Ipswegian etc.  I was setting up a facebook page for a new client today…pop in and have a look at Sweet Themes… and I was looking at my personal page and the photos and realised the photos all had me smiling. 

I have been happy essentially at my core since I was a kid.  Always trying to make other’s laugh around me and have gone through my life successfully doing that consistently.  If I can make a situation lighter through humour I will.  See my post about Country Music and Happiness – now that is a serious situation and I believe I nailed my message while keeping my happiness at the forefront.

As I went into my adulthood I made a choice that didn’t go so well for me, and I remember the day, after about four years of questioning EVERYTHING, when I looked at the situation and said “I’ll never be able to be happy in this” and it was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

How much awesomeness is that?  Happiness was the connection point, my ground zero, my point of difference.  It was the only thing that gave me the strength to make the call to leave a very ordinary situation.


It took me a couple of years to shed the negative story associated with that decision, but I did it;   the unconditional support and love of my friend Ian and another pivotal person, Markus, who helped me see my story was holding me back with one beer fuelled outburst in London one night.

You see happiness for me is the first point of measurement.  How does this make me feel?  My heart feels good about it, so let’s go visit the gut…”how you doin’ with this one gut?” And between them I answer my question pretty quickly.

I made a decision a long time ago to only attract people into my life who love and accept me for who I am and who share the same outlook on life.

Do you know what the best part about using happiness as a gauge – you can’t pretend.  You can’t pretend to be happy.  It’s not possible.  It’s the same as if someone pretends to like someone, that they don’t really like.  At some point you are going to relax into your authentic-ness and the pretend will show up like a red spot on a white shirt. 

So, jump on board folks, if you are questioning your life, its purpose and where you fit into it.  Ask yourself if you are happy – truly happy – and if you are, you should find that you are living your dream.

I am living mine, and no one can wipe the smile off my face. My smile muscles are finely tuned instruments of perfection.  YEHAR!