Because he could….and at the time it was fashionable.

Well, humanity has come a long way since Moses wore a dress, Jesus played Fullback for Jerusalem and Pontius was a Pilot.

Where am I going with this?  

This week I have been invited to speak at a regional Clergy gathering about social media and how it could work for the Church.  When I had the initial meeting with Fr Fred I was very open and honest about my thoughts on God and that we as a human race have no right or place to say which Religion is right and which Religion is wrong.  Thankfully he did not run from the coffee shop screaming ‘devil spawn’.

So, I have had Fr Paul reach out on Twitter to say hi, and then he must have scrolled through my tweets, because now there’s tweeting about me being good with same sex marriage and that love isn’t enough and if it was about love then what’s my thoughts on polygamy; I expect the next question would be about people marrying their dogs… 

What did I do, went straight to anger and yes, judgement.  He’s a Catholic Priest.  Did I have every inconsistency and unnatural way of a Catholic Priests life scream through my head in a nano-second?  Yes.  Did I have the statistic that the highest cases of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer are in nuns? Yes.

So, in essence, he won. He got his fight, albiet only for a few tweets, but now I am here having to get something out of my head, because it’s given me a headache. 

I have gay friends, who incidentally are just friends, but for today’s lesson, they have an adjective placed in the descriptive sense, but it’s just an extra word… you know…. they don’t have a gay car or a gay job and they don’t eat a gay lunch etc…

To continue, I have gay friends who still describe themselves as “good catholics” and this is what lead me to the grrr bunny on Fr Paul.

My loyalty will always lay with my friends over any religion any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  I admire these men, who under the religion they follow would SMITE THEE with stones given the way they were born.  Could God really be so cruel?  

Of course not!  

Here’s a bit of truth: if you find it in nature, then you will find it in humanity.

On putting out a post on my facebook page, I was relieved to have been given so much validation from the awesome people I attract into my life that involved authenticity, just send them love.  I even had a concept put to me by my friend and Goddess business partner Juli:

“As for those that still find the s-t-r-e-n-g-t-h to follow a religion that puts it’s own rules above God’s rule of “Free Will” – God love ’em!!!”

Ian, a dedicated family man and business man in my region who walks his talk everyday, giving me the big penny dropping with “he is absolutely not interested in your opinion on this…he is a fixed piece…”

Katie giving me a document on 10 reasons to ban gay marriage and then Juli kicking in again with a compelling document referencing Leviticus.

When I took stock of what happened with me posting and even responding to Fr Paul on Twitter, I realised that I was fearful of going into this workshop surrounded by people whose job is religion and having them vilify me because I believe in God outside of a religious structure.

I was fearful of having Fr Paul question my credentials on speaking on social media because of my heart felt beliefs about same sex marriage.

That’s a bit silly isn’t it?

What did the Universe or God provide me with?  20+ people who have effectively became a cheer squad of Arnold Schwarzenegger voices yelling “YOU CAN DO IT…we believe in you” and a truck load of printed evidence to help me go, “yeah but what about this…” if I need it.

So, the lesson for me is:

I am Amanda Foy.
I am a believer of the concept that God = Love.

The End.