How much of our lives cross over when it comes to behaviours?  Business behaviours can be mimicked in personal behaviours and as such also social behaviours.

So much of what we read is that lives are fast paced, people don’t have time anymore, they are in a hurry to get everywhere and bugger the consequences.

I reckon that humanity is slowly getting to a point of being over that way of life and as we speed into our futures people are going to take their time doing it.  

It’s like we are coming out of the Ice Age – if you don’t do it now it will melt.

Exhaustion is always going to win out in the end you know.  It’s like we, as a group of people, are going to stand there one day saying “enough is enough”.

I teach facebook and other social media applications to business through workshops.

What’s my common theme – which I’m gladly hearing reverberated around me all the time now ?


People don’t want to get the short shift.  They don’t want to be glossed over.  People need to feel cherished, noticed, heard and loved….most of all loved.

When you go to Networking functions, do you flit around a room grabbing and dishing out business cards spending 30 seconds with each person?

You know there will be other networking functions, and you know that the same people are likely to be there, and you know that spending 30 minutes with one person having a meaningful discussion and then sending them a thank you email or text by the time you’ve made it back to your car is sooooo much more rewarding to both parties and the ‘one minute stands’ some are capable of it….they leave you feeling worthless, used and empty.  

When you meet a new client do you ask them 1000 questions rather than spending the whole time talking about yourself?

When you have a new business come and like your business page or you’ve had a friend connection from someone that’s not personally known by you do you take a minute to read about them, what their business is and where they are?

There’s a saying for personal meetings – you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

For e-meetings where the interaction is between you and a computer screen with someone on the other side, there’s a reason you’ve been given two eyes and one mouth and most of all ten fingers. 

What’s the relevance of ten fingers?  

You need them all to type a meaningful response or meaningful introduction on someone’s page, post, profile because COPY AND PASTE is the biggest FAIL on the planet now.  

Facebook is recognising it too by sin-binning anyone who does it. YAY.

Fickle people who are in it for the quantity of likes, getting their business out there.  If there is no meaning…there is no meaning.

I read a great blog post by Cas McCullough of Support a WAHP about likes equating to meaningful business relationships.  It made me feel so much better that I have the quantity that I do and not the 000’s of some of my peers.  

I work hard at building relationships.  None of my peers in my industry would ever feel threatened by me that I was going to steel their concepts, take their clients or try to be like them.  We all have our own unique take on our industry, and we share, collaborate, embrace and support.

There is no selling anymore and I love it!  Always failed at selling anything. 

So, let’s hear it for MEANINGFULNESS and I invite you to come and join my facebook page for a game of BUMS & HEADS on Wednesday 5 October 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time to see how to have fun, meet other businesses folk and win stuff.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I really appreciate it!