Go on, grab a mirror and stare in it and say “I love you”. 

How do you feel? 

I’ll be the first to say like a complete git.

Do I believe myself? Nuh.

“This is stupid, of course I love myself, if I didn’t love myself I wouldn’t get up in the morning….how dumb.”

See that reaction – that’s what first flew threw my head in probably 0.86th of a second when I first had to say it a few years ago.

Note to anyone with that same frequency – see how quick it took to kinda get of the main subject?

So, the only way to get that to work is to say it alot, and with conviction and everytime you feel the internal judgement kicking in, smack it down with a nice warm squiggy cuddle from your brain with a “thanks but NOT TODAY!”

Really, it’s the only way to do it.  Does it work?


Is it fool proof?


We have been brought into this world a blank canvas until the other humans around us start painting, and then the previous life memories can kick in, and anything you didn’t deal with last life time can kick in….note to self – deal with your shit this life time so you don’t get it next time.

Are you a parent empowering your children to love themselves no matter what? I best not digress into the parenting arena – wondering if I’m doing the right thing by my children sometimes makes my temple throb.

Anyway, back to you.

Today, I was fortunate enough to have listened to a blog talk radio program about getting a business flourishing and had to do a visualisation.

All these amazing clients (my ideal clients) walking towards me with the largest quantities of money, smiling and excited to give it to me because they knew I was worth every penny.

What did I want to do?


This is what visualisations can do to you peeps – they are great at clearing out shit.

So, here I was thinking I’d done all the work on self-worth and this 3 minute exercise smacked me in the forehead with a “you payin’ attention to this woman?”

It appears, that I might have to be saying ‘I love you’ to my reflection again in the morning, oh, and I’m worth it. 

On sooooo many plains.