Love goggles don’t only become apparent after you get to know someone or something or have just finished your third glass of Knappstein Sparkling Shiraz from the Clare Valley.

You know that saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’? Well, this can exist for things or places as much for people.

I had a big ‘ohhhhh moment’ recently when I made the decision to remove my energy aka love from something and holy crap, I was shocked at what the love goggles were hiding from my view.  I’d been looking at the same thing for eight years and had NEVER noticed.

Love goggles exist for a reason, and they are part of the chemistry in the brain which dictates your universe and your path.  

Truly though, this blog is to help you stay out of the ‘what was I thinking’ mindset when the elastic breaks for good on those goggles and what gets into your eyes makes them water, scream with irritation and then sets the chemical loose in your brain that tends to lean towards self-loathing.

All is in perfect order.  

Some love goggles have a used by date akin to something made in China without a proof of export standards when they get tossed onto the wharf.

Take responsibility for putting those goggles on.  

Surrender to the fact that once the googles broke or your purposefully took them off, that what you are looking at you couldn’t possibly change with a bucket of detol and or napalm and look forward to your next pair of glasses turning up.

It is at this point that you are recommended not to visit the grass is greener outlook, because that’s just asking for trouble unless you check the water bill first.