It is a physical and spiritual impossibility for judgement and happiness to be in the same place at the same time.

How’s that grab ya?

One of my goals from an early age, I would say consciously from when I was around 24 years old, I realised that my greatest want, need, hope, aim, purpose in life was to be happy.  I grew up not idolising yummy music people, or hot as hot movie stars, I was a bit different.  I used to cut out pictures of Jerry Lewis from magazines and I used to fang for the Saturday afternoon movie if it was Jerry Lewis, Danny Kay or Abbott and Costello. 

I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh.  

I even have a 1″ scar on my left eye from where I was jumping on the bed making my baby sister laugh from when I was two.  If given a choice of a movie to watch I’d pick a funny one anytime. I love watching comedians, especially ones with accents. My favourite one I went to see in my 20’s was Victor Borge.

As I’ve gotten older, the harder I laugh the more horrible it sounds.  My throat goes into this spasm and I sound like someone trying to hack up a crocodile they just swallowed. Now at 39 I can’t seem to stop it from happening if something makes me laugh that hard.  This is fantastic news for all my friends because they are used to it now; it’s only frightening for someone new in my life that hasn’t heard or seen me do it before. 
There’s veins in the neck, unable to sit up straight, tears and then the noise….sigh.  I’ve learned to give newby’s a heads up if I know they haven’t heard it before. “Now I just need to let you know that it’s highly likely that I am going to laugh incredibly hard at some point, and I just want you to know that it’s completely normal and ok for me, I am not going to spin my head around and vomit green stuff.”

You see, laughing is contagious – one of my lovely friends Thea has her little girl giggling her head off as her ring tone.  When Thea is here helping me with Foyster’s stuff, and her mobile rings, we just sit and listen to it laughing and giggling ourselves.  The amount of calls that have gone to voice mail because she’s been too late in picking it up is hilarious in itself.  Smart woman is Thea I say.
Anyway, what’s my point: I had my Aura photo taken today.  This is it:
I was really surprised to see so much yellow and thought “ooo, wonder what that means?”  The woman said to me “you light up a room when you are there, people love being around you, you must be a very happy person.”
Hallelujah, it’s worked and I’ve got the photo to prove it.
The other part of my life that I have worked very hard on is judgement.  I have come to realise when something really bothers me about someone or something, I’m actually looking in a mirror and that thing I’m really bothered about is something about me that I need to fix, work on or accept so I can move on and away from it.
This last few days, I have been the happiest I’ve been in I don’t now how long, and remember, I’m usually always happy, so this statement is HUGE.  That happy in fact, that it’s been to the point when little things have happened and gone my way I could jump up and down like a toddler seeing the Wiggles in real life for the first time.  So happy I could just pee…which I’ll only say in the privacy of this blog because two children close together and laughing like I’m choking on a crocodile can bring that level of risk into my life.  Garf snort.  I’m that happy with myself, my life, my choices, the clarity I’ve received on my purpose, that absolutely nothing is bothering me, so judgement must be gone too.  I am, I might add, firmly grounded.
So my dear and wonderful friends, and readers, I offer you a page out Manda’s Book of Happiness.  I send it to you with my Reiki abilities, my heart and my soul.  Take a look at something that does not make you happy, what’s the polar opposite of that situation? Make that the new way you look at that thing that is bothering you or making you unhappy.  Sit and ask yourself what level of judgement you have on the situation, then when you work out what level of fear you are actually dealing with, know that you are safe and protected and there’s something to be learned so you can release it and move on. Go into gratitude. Be happy.  It’s how we were born, it’s our natural state of being.
And…here comes the threat….if you don’t do as I say, I shall gobble you all up and poo you out all over the dinner table…. (imagery and wording there abouts courtesy of the movie Drop Dead Fred and Rick Mayall sometime in the 80’s). Tee hee.