Today, two days out from the ANZAC Day celebrations, I get into my car to hear a recording of some New Zealand man who has obviously overdosed on his impotence medication, because there is no plausible explanation for his tirade,  ripping through the memory of Australian soldiers.

You can read the article of there will be no apologies HERE.

I couldn’t even back my car out of the drive when I finished listening.  

Never in my life have I felt such seething rage at someone’s opinion.  I guess this is a really good way to learn where your loyalties lie at your founding roots.

That’s all it was an opinion; seriously though, for this pile of shit to have even been given airtime, I think Radio National NZ should be forced to pay retribution to Legacy Australia.

I seriously need to know if there is a group or some foundation who has been set up to banish this man from speaking publicly again.  

I seriously hope that any sponsors that radio station has, get on their donkey – you know like Simpson, who saved 176 men with his donkey while he was being a bludger and a thief, who died at the age of 21 and never got to be as fat and ugly and old as you Jock Anderson, and run the other way to distance themselves from such disrespect.

Here’s my blog that I wrote last year on ANZAC DAY: Click HERE

So, here is my personal note to Jock Anderson,New Zealand Embarrassment:

Dear Jock Anderson, 

Get stuffed you tool.

Love and best wishes for the strength you will need to walk in the trench you just dug for yourself sunshine.

Amanda Foy
Grand Daughter of two WWII veteran’s, both of whom could never speak about their time away “because it’s not something a young girl should know about love.”

Fuck you Jock Anderson… no seriously … fuck you.