It’s time for you to make a change in your life. It’s time for you to make some choice statements to get you shuffling off in the direction of happiness, wholeness and acceptance. The alternative is to sit in the little rut we find ourselves in called LIFE and all the wonderful daily joys that brings.

I learned this exercise a few months ago at a wonderful gathering of like minded people at a Maggie Landman Earth Healing Circle at Belmont. It’s all about knowing your truth. If you are doing this exercise properly, it should start making you fidget and be very uncomfortable in your skin.


Make a statement about yourself that you believe is truth and something that you agree with completely that is something you would like to work on in your life. Your statement would start I am not… Now…write down the polar opposite of what you have just written.

Sit back, take a deep breath and tune into how your body is feeling about the polar opposite of what you’ve just written down? If what you have written down makes you feel uncomfortable and you aren’t sure what to think, leave some feedback down in the comments if you’d like to understand where to next.

Just a quick aside, because these blogs are here to share experiences, when I did this exercise, I was sitting on my own completely oblivious to the next step after writing down my truth. At the time, I had a very poor level of self-esteem, so my truth, thinking that it was just for me to know and work on was:

“I am not attractive” the polar opposite of that for me was “I am attractive.”

I thought it was personal, I could keep this to myself, join the healing circle, tune into my body and work on it…MYSELF….but noooooooo, what did we have to do…….we had to pair up with someone else in the room.

Who did I manage to choose the same card as………the only man in the room…….who happened to be a body builder.

You know, the completely ripped, healthy, glowing skin with the bright blue eyes and tight white shirt kind of body builder, oh and he happened to be spiritual. @#$% it. I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOING TO BE PERSONAL.

So…next step, I had to say out aloud to him what I wrote down. Here’s me who would never utter that statement to a soul, that’s just my personal inner dialogue going on everytime I see my reflection or put clothes on, I get to say what I wrote down. Talk about the Universe setting you up. I naturally let him go first hoping his statement would be way worse than mine and I would listen to him that long that I would not have time to discuss mine. Babowwwwwwww wrong again. His was quite normal and touching and my heart went out to him for recognising something in himself that he wanted to fix which would let him live his truth….

Get the picture of the myriad of mindsets going on here?

Anyway, back to you….how’s it make you feel to read the polar opposite of what you’ve written? Are you like me, are you going into defence mode covering yourself in camouflage paint grabbing your AK47 and hiding in the reeds to make sure no one knows how uncomfortable you feel with the polar opposite?

Your assignment should you choose to accept it, is to work on that truth this week. Say the polar opposite that makes you so uncomfortable you want to crack a sweat, or your tummy starts to cramp in a state of vom voms, 10 times a day and start to feel it and believe it, because that is actually your truth. The minute your inner dialogue goes positive, the greater outcome for you.

How can you put this into practice with your business? Leave me any questions or feedback you might have. If you are also super brave like me, leave your statements your perceived truth and the polar opposite and see how you feel with putting it out there. That too will help for you to get it out of your head!

Wishing everyone a fabulous start to your week.